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Sole Creation
February 2013
Released: 2013, Agonia Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I was most excited to have been handed this album for review, under the header [DOOM.] There’s something primal about the genre which I think just appeals to the caveperson in us all, isn’t there? Or is that just me. Anyway! Onward to the words of judgement, and mighty Kongh’s third full length, Sole Creation…

Decent doom, stoner or indeed sludge metal is really not hard to come by at the moment, the genre continuously burgeoning world-wide as well as in the UK, so to stand out among such myriad variations on a theme must certainly not be easy, but Kongh are definitely making a name for themselves amongst us cult-ridden stoner fans.

Their first two offerings could possibly be described as having passed under the radar slightly, but not completely, having garnered a core following befitting of their talent in creating this crushing form of music. Sole Creation, their latest 4 track LP, really does seem like it would sound right at home played full-tilt in an underground cavern, possibly to cave-trolls, or your average herbal self-medicator. (I don’t want to make it sound like you have to have smoked your entire stash to listen to this album, but it really does enhance the experience quite superbly)

Track by track, we are treated to a thunderous, atmospheric, almost euphoric (could be the weed talking) sounding barrage of songs, with Electric Wizard levels of heaviness, tortured, Mastodon-like sonic cadence blended with what I believe can only be described as an almost progressive, Enslaved-type vibe underpinning the whole thing. Throw in a nod to Neurosis and High On Fire and you’re probably getting an idea of what it sounds like by now.

Benefiting from having been mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Cult Of Luna, somehow what is essentially a two-piece band suddenly sounds like it is about to tear the roof off your abode and crush you dead, which is what you want from such a band really. Though not particularly a bad point to most of us, the lyrics can be hard to make out in places but well placed clean interludes and half time sections, along with rumbling flurries of double kick and vocals alternating between soaring and lowering throughout mean this album takes you on one hell of a journey, one in which your only choice is to embrace the majestic brutality of Kongh.

With only four big, long tracks, it could be said that there aren’t really a great amount of stand out moments, but the more I’ve listened to it the more I’ve become convinced that it’s because on the whole it is a stand out piece of work. While undoubtedly Kongh will gain a number of new fans based on the unbridled strength of these 4 tracks, being such a pure offering, Sole Creation will possibly not be set to project the band onto the more mainstream radar but it’s clear to see Kongh are continuously coming into their own, and those cult fans will most certainly enjoy having their skulls crushed by this most awesome album.

Having been four years since the last release, lets hope there’s not such a gap between this and the next one. Though if this is anything to go by, it could also well be worth the wait.

Review by Kevin Griffiths
Track Listing

1- Sole Creation
2- Tamed Brute
3- The Portals
4- Skymning


David Johansson - guitar, bass and vocals
Tomas Salonen - drums
Olle Hedenström - bass (live)

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