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Infected Flesh
Concatenations of Severe Infections
February 2013
Released: 2012, Comatose Music
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

When it comes to Grind and Brutal Death I have to admit to having always been a philistine. And after hearing Infected Flesh’s delightfully titled release “Concatenations of Severe Infections” I can’t say that I’ve seen the light of rotting flesh splattered against a hospital ward. Hailing from the Barcelona, the Spanish duo have been grinding since 1997

What disappoints me about this particular release is that the musical aspect was actually quite pleasing, with some great musicianship on show and some well thought out riffs and solos, something which I wouldn’t expect from such a genre, the same can also be said about the drumming; whilst being ridiculously fast for pretty much the entirety of the album, it does offer some satisfactory beats and breaks.

The vocals, oh the vocals. This band offer more “bree” than a French cheese market which, quite frankly, ruined the majority of the songs for me. I’m not at all saying the vocals are bad in a general sense, but my idea of a decent death metal vocal is obviously far from the mark.

There are a couple of standout songs for me. There’s a cool, smooth groove (for what it is) on the Erase the Rictus track, some crushing melodies and a bit more vocal variety. However, ultimately the majority of the songs do sound horrifically similar, apart from Inoculation towards the end which offers a slower approach.

The release’s production isn’t terrible, I think it’s definitely listenable in terms of it’s general sound and composition, and with some decent musicianship then I would recommend this album to the grind/death scene, but not an awful lot else.

After being reminded of the same song pretty much throughout the entire album, I can safely say this wont be a world beater, however the band have some decent production and I’d recommend them to their specific niche, but unfortunately not for me.

Review by Andy May
Track Listing

1. Gruesome Supply Chain of Nailed Human Pieces
2. The Bunch (Congregation of Deadly Parasites)
3. Concentric Circles of Disembowelment
4. Erase the Rictus
5. Lithographies of Recurrent Splatter
6. Phossilized Between the Walls of a Post-Industrial Ziggurat
7. Impudent Dissection of the Perfidious Idol
8. Fermentation of Prosthetic Remains
9. The Pragmatic Tearing
10. Inoculation
11. Aepoxifying Bacterial Capitals


Roger B.- Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Seth Van de Loo - Drums and Vocals

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