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Punishment Unfolds
February 2013
Released: 2012, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Blynd, formed in 2003, are a four-piece thrash metal act hailing from Cyprus. PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS is the bands second full length effort and their first offering for new record label Pitch Black Records.

PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS begins with a short atmospheric interlude that gradually builds much like a film score during opening sequence. "Arrival Of The Gods" comes crashing out of the gate with beefy, chugging riffs, gruff vocals and pounding fury. Alex the band's drummer plays really well within the pocket, can stop on a dime and delivers some impressive fills during this opening number. One thing I hear right off the bat on the title track of PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS is the bastard marriage between Gothenburg style melodic death and Pantera. This all makes for a modern leaning "Jump the fuck up" kind of feel, tribal and bouncy. "Never For The Fallen" comes across more straight ahead and pummeling, a chug-a-lug assault machine with some incredibly snychronized dual lead guitar work to boot. "The Chosen Few" might have the most sinister sounding riffing so far. The mixture of vocalist and bassist Andreas and the ominous synth in the background bring to mind Omnium Gatherum at times.

"Convicted In The Devil's Land" bridges goofy, noodle-headed, nu-metal riffs with blatant Cannibal Corpse rip-offs in a strange amalgamation of overly contrived crap. Somewhere post chorus the band switches back to melodeath and bring it all home. "Sins Of The Cross" is more convincing in it's no bullshit delivery, never steering too far off course of it's hard rockin' pedal to the metal framework. Definitely a more focused track than it's predecessor. "Divine Conspiracy" plods along going through the motions of Metalcore 101 and ultimately doesn't do anything for me. "Infinity Race" is all over the place. Riff overload. Progressive and hard to follow as it meanders through tempo changes and complex, labyrinth like riffery from the musically accomplished and well versed duo of guitarists Dino and George.

The album artwork for PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS features an acidic washed print of some creepy guy being creepy. Perhaps he's also been severely punished and downright neglected. The graphics are done pretty well for this release in comparison to some of the other recent titles released from Pitch Black Records. The Blynd and Philip Zilfo produced affair has efficient enough album production. Everything sounds professionally engineered and mixed and there are no gripes from me in that regard. This is a well produced second full length from Blynd. The musicianship is top notch and the band engages and explores many different styles and genres throughout the duration. The particular brand of modern influences Blynd delves into aren't to my liking but I'd reckon that if you couldn't get enough Phil Anselmo and Gothenburg influenced melodic death thrash then this record might be to your liking.
Track Listing

1. Divine Gathering
2. Arrival of the Gods
3. As Punishment Unfolds
4. Never For The Fallen
5. The Chosen Few
6. Convicted in the Devil’s Land
7. Sins to the Cross
8. The Final Resistance
9. Divine Conspiracy
10. Infinity Race
The Chosen Few – video (bonus)


Andreas - Vocals, Bass
George - Guitars
Dino - Guitars
Alex - Drums

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