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The Scourger
Dark Invitation to Armageddon
February 2008
Released: 2008, Stay Heavy Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

From the moment "No Redemption" blows out from the speakers, no excuses or compromises are expected or given out. The Scourger´s are well armed; ready to split skulls and crush the bones to pieces, letting their refreshing and aggressive thrash/(death) metal invade through your brain and soul - and eventually filling you up with a feeling of becoming severely exhausted, I mean, in a good way. "In the Hour of Ruin" pushes you even harder toward a concrete wall while a faint touch of ruthless metal hammer kisses your forehead gently. As one saying goes, ´no rest for the wicked´, some mercilessly punishing moments are offered also in "To Tame a Life", but especially "Never Bury the Hatchet", which could admittedly consider the most wicked piece of thrash there has ever been churned out from The Scourger´s killing team. The song is even more testosterone-filled than what can be found from the appearance of the band´s muscular shouter and frontman Mr. Hurskainen (sorry Jari, but I simply had to make this clumsy reference!).

The other half of the album basically doesn´t show any signs of calming down. The band´s use of a gas pedal for certain things in metal music with a heavier and nastier approach becomes evidently a part of reality in such songs as "Dark Invitation of Armageddon" and "Beyond Judas", in which the guys don´t hesitate to burn some more rubber in the name of a headbangable, thrashing metal madness. The Scourger´s twisted tendency to love some more epic and heavier sides in metal, is revealed in "Deformed Reality" and "Reign in Bestial Sin" that both add a welcomed breath of variation into the band´s madly raging sound.

So, go´n´ hide behind your miserable barricades and caves now because The Scourger troops have no intention of saving any of you from their wrath. DARK INVITATION OF ARMAGEDDON contains a pretty ugly metal music indeed, done by some ugly thrash suckers. But on the other hand, you do love to get punished from time to time, don´t you?
Track Listing

01. Lex Talionis
02. No Redemption
03. In the Hour of Ruin
04. To Tame a Life
05. Never Bury the Hatchet
06. Deformed Reality
07. Dark Invitation to Armageddon
08. Reign in Bestial Sin
09. Beyond Judas
10. Cranium Crush
11. Last Nail to the Coffin


Jari Hurskainen - Vocals
Jani Luttinen - Guitar
Timo ”Stig Evil” Nyberg - Guitar
Kimmo Kammonen - Bass
Seppo Tarvainen - Drums

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