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The Path Of Reflections
December 2012
Released: 2011, Shinigami
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Brazil is primarily known for it’s high quality Power Metal (Angra, Viper, Almah, Neverland, Hangar, Hibria, Soulspell, Infinity etc) and of course Sepultura. This month I’m taking a look at three very different bands from deep in the Brazilian Metal underground, Encefalo, Necropsya and Sacrificed. Please feel free to check out the other two reviews in this mini-feature.

Sacrificed is the most European and conventional sounding of the bands in this feature. My first impressions are very good, a gorgeous cover features an angel-like character in an autumn forest, giving the impression of perhaps the band might have gothic and/or progressive elements with a female singer. Well, sometimes you CAN judge a CD by it’s cover as Sacrificed’s debut album, THE PATH OF REFLECTIONS does fall comfortably in that zone. Sacrificed are signed to a small label Shinigami, which looks Japanese but to the best of my knowledge is based in Texas. Weird.

The bands debut is a good looking disc, vey nice presentation and packaging with lyrics and great graphics. Very eye-catching. The yellow colour scheme is not as common in Metal (as compared to the black and reds) so it looks quite good. The production is excellent, clear and loud and with a good emphasis on vocalist Hell, one of the strong points of this band. The lyrics are decent as well, leaning towards the metaphysical realms, the prose being intelligent and introspective.

Sonically and musically, Sacrificed are a bit hard to categorize, as they have many different metallic elements but generally Prog, Power, and classic metal are the foundation of the songs. The album is not too frantic, the arrangements lush and interesting but without getting to self-indulgent. There is a strong sense of elegant composition and melody. If anything the album could benefit from a bit more intensity or perhaps speed, or even some more solos and flourishes on the guitar. The band easily avoids an automatic comparison to other gothic/metal, female fronted bands (you know who they are, no need to name-drop), because they are not quite in that symphonic, bombastic style, but they have all the talent to compete.

I feel that THE PATH OF REFLECTIONS is a very mature and sophisticated first effort, which is admirable but at the same time it may lack that youthful energy and vigor that is an important part of Metal. I think with a bit more passion and metallic spirit, Sacrificed have enormous potential on the global stage and I could easily see them doing a big European tour with Edenbridge for example. Their debut is a thing of many positive things to come and well worth checking out.
Track Listing

1. Winds of Liberty
2. Soulitude
3. Endless Sin
4. Walking Through Flames
5. Before a Dream
6. Call of Insanity
7. Red Garden
8. Prison Mind
9. Far Away to Feel
10. The Truth Beneath the Laments


Kell Hell-Vocals
Diego Oliveira-Guitar
Leonardo Rizzi-Guitar
Bruno Bavose-Bass
Thales Piassi-Drums

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