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Reign Of Fury
World Detonation
December 2012
Released: 2012, Unsigned
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Reign Of Fury are an unsigned band coming from UK and is made up of 5 guys that all met on the punk rock circuit and decided to put their love for metal into making music.

If you’re actively following what’s going on within the UK’s Thrash Metal scene then keep you eyes open for these five metal heads coming from the South/West Midlands and doing what they do best – making a lot of quality noise.

Their debut album World Detonation is a thrash metal album with some classic heavy metal influences still sounding modern and up-to-date.

World Detonation album gives you everything from proper guitar shredding up to all the highest Thrash Metal standards and melodic vocals up to Bruce Dickinson’s standards (at some points). Reign Of Fury professional level is undeniable and the band produce riffs as sharp as if they were about to chop wood with them. When hearing songs like “World Detonation” and „Born to Die” for the first time, you would never be able guess they are coming from a comparatively new and unknown band’s debut album.

The album opener “Goodbye Mother Earth” is an instrumental track giving the listener the first impression of what’s about to follow. Even though, it gives you the main idea, the album only gets better as the energy builds up with the next song “Infernal Conflict”. The speed, the passion and the energy is there, but this is no ‘classic Thrash Metal’ band for you. By adding melodic vocals to their sound, Reign Of Fury would obviously sound way too soft for a die-hard Slayer fan.

Tracks that will really get your head banging are “Envy The Dead” and “Born to Die”, they sound highly influenced by the early American Thrash scene. If there’s anyone who doubts Reign Of Fury professional skills, than these two songs shall change their minds as they show off great shredding skills and add significant vocals.

A brave decision from a band that’s putting together their debut album is to include three songs that are almost 9 minutes long. The downside is that they might not be powerful and entertaining enough to keep the listeners attention, but songs like “Heaven Waits / Hell Takes” and “World Detonation” break the stereotype.

“Heaven Waits / Hell Takes” is a stand-out song that starts with an acoustic intro, but eventually builds up into one of the heaviest songs on the album. Reign on Fury have captured a great contrast where melancholic guitar parts blend with angry shredding and pissed-off lyrics.

Not only Reign Of Fury are influenced by Thrash Metal. There’s a good dose of NWOBHM and “Vile Submission” with its harmonizing guitars and more-or-less epic vocals is the song to draw your attention to.

The album artwork indirectly speaks for itself. If you’ve ever picked up classic albums like Megadeth – Rust In Peace or Iron Maiden – The Trooper and admired the artwork, World Detonation is more likely to catch your eye. And if your album collection goes further than that and you’ve ever been attracted to the album artworks of Sodom, Havok, Pessimist and so on, Reign of Fury – Wold Detonation will be a good addition to your collection.

Reign Of Fury appeared on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock 2012 and performed within the biggest names in heavy metal. Make sure to catch these guys live and see them tear up the stage.

Review by Anna Dumpe
Track Listing

1. Goodbye Mother Earth
2. Infernal Conflict
3. Envy the Dead
4. Heaven Waits/Hell Takes
5. Born to Die
6. World Detonation
7. Vile Submission
8. The Hound


Jon Priestley-Lead Guitar
Ed Westlake-Lead Guitar
Magic Dave-Drums
Heavy Matt Earl-Bass

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