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The Cleansing
December 2012
Released: 2012, Deathgasm Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Cleansing is the fifth album by Swedish band Nominon, who have been around since the late 1990’s. It is an album that shares elements of both Death and Black Metal in its use of twisted melodies within their arrangements. The band sometimes comes across as a faster version of Grave, and the vocals are what one might expect from Swedish Death Metal bands.

The album begins with the atmospheric intro “Satanical Incubation” which creates a kind of ambience that leads into the aggressive throes of “In The Name Of Gomorrah”, which contains guitar work that, as mentioned earlier, sometimes throws in certain Black Metal elements within some of the faster parts. Next song is “Mausoleum”, which continues in the same tradition as the opener, with a lot of speed thrown in while guitars work between Death and Black Metal frameworks. Tracks like “Unholy Sacrifice,” “Abhorrent Parasites” and “Hellwitch” carry a Slayer influence as the band sometimes engages in some sections that are inspired by Thrash Metal. Some of the lead guitar work sounds inspired by Possessed and Morbid Angel.

Production on The Cleansing has a raw and ugly sound which goes with the style of old school Death Metal, which elevates the band’s sound, but the material feels a bit recycled. While some songs are good, many times the songs drag a bit, and some of the riffs are not that memorable.There are great moments, especially some guitar parts, but in general, it has all been done before, and better.

Review by Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
2. In the Name of Gomorrah
3. Mausoleum
4. Unholy Sacrifice
5. The Cleansing
6. Abhorrent Parasites
7. Hellwitch
8. Obliteration
9. Son of Doom
10. Infernal Rites


Juha Sulasalmi - Bass
Per Karlsson - Drums
Christian Strömblad - Guitars
Henke Skoog - Vocals
Alexander Lyrbo - Guitars

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