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December 2012
Released: 2011, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Brazil is primarily known for it’s high quality Power Metal (Angra, Viper, Almah, Neverland, Hangar, Hibria, Soulspell, Infinity etc) and of course, Sepultura. This month I’m taking a look at three very different bands from deep in the Brazilian Metal underground, Encefalo, Necropsya and Sacrificed. Please feel free to check out the other two reviews in this mini-feature.

I’m not quite sure what to make of Necropsya. It’s weird, but in a good way. DISTORTED is the second album from this Brazilian trio and for an independent release they did a very good job. The CD is professional and has good presentation, good graphics, design and layout and a nice colour booklet with photos, lyrics, credits and so forth. The production is very clean and clear and the mix of the instruments is very nice. The lyrics are in English with the exception of the cut ‘Utopia’.

Necropsya play a very appealing mix of Death and Thrash with some odd influences and sonic elements. The opening cut has a very punk-like gang vocal at times. Tracks like ‘Ask Myself’ and ‘Son Of A Bitch’ has some funky slower stuff, mixed in, like something you might hear on a Primus or Faith No More album. There is even a hint of country and western mixed in! It’s as if these musicians throw all sorts of musical sounds and influences into the songs. There are even sound effects scattered here and there. There are many time-changes, stops and starts. However, overall the songs are very heavy and very punishing. The drummer is very busy with lots of cymbals and fills and accents, he is very talented and can play heavy and fast when needed. This band has it all, a bit of groove, a bit of melody, a hint of punk, a tiny bit of blues riffing, lots of great soloing, it is all a very odd mix. They remind me of lots of early 90’s bands that were trying to branch out from a conventional thrash formula, more unique bands that would get flak from die-hards for injecting different elements onto the music.

Although the bands sound is peculiar and hard to easily label, that is a good thing because they have it seems at a very early stage in their career developed a signature sound which is very compelling. The trio are clearly top-notch musicians. I feel NECROPSYA have hit upon something quite different and fun but undeniably Metal, as evidenced by the harsh vocals and crushing guitars all over the place. DISTORTED is an excellent collection of songs, brave adventurous and this albums deserves your attention. My rating of 4 might be a bit high for some people tastes, but I have an ear and appreciation for the unique (as well as my love for well-executed true Metal) and Necropsya have hit on something special and could go onto international acclaim.
Track Listing

1. Easy Target
2. Proud and Maggots
3. Ask Myself
4. Kill 'Em
5. Son of Bitch
6. Sorry
7. What Remains for You
8. Head Up!
9. Individual
10. Utopia
11. What the Hell?
12. Distorted
13. Stress


Henrique Vivi-Bass, Vocals
Henrique Bertol-Guitar
Celso -Drums

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