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Welcome to the Freak Show
December 2012
Released: 2012, Universal Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Hinder aren't a name that springs to mind when you think of hard rock acts in the vein of Saliva, Nickleback and many other bands that have perforated that type of popular music which predominates American air waves. They share that similar sound; queue the slightly aggressive gruff vocals, crunchy guitars and sweeping distorted guitar. This style of music isn't instantly a bad thing, in fact when Hinder get it right they really do get it right.

Songs like Ladies Come First, Save Me and See You In Hell are so foot tappingly sleazy that they would feel at home on less radio friendly artists albums like Buckcherry, but then there's the other stuff.

They do seem to want to want to model themselves after Nickleback as when they aren't doing the heavy stuff that make them sound like an abused step child that wants to kick back against the world they sound like a boy band. Their radio friendly stuff is so sickly sweet and full of sugary goodness it's at complete odds with the rest of the album. Anyone but You and I Don't Want To Believe are so cheese filled that if it got any worse there would be some pepperoni on top of it.

Which is a shame, cause when they get their formula right it's hard to see why this band don't have a larger following, but they misfire just often enough to take away from the positives.

Review by Neurie
Track Listing

1. Save Me
2. Ladies Come First
3. Shoulda Known Better
4. Freakshow
5. Talk to Me
6. Get Me Away From You
7. Is It Just Me
8. I Don’t Wanna Believe
9. See You In Hell
10. Anyone But You
11. Wanna Be Rich


Austin Winkler – lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Joe Garvey – lead guitar
Mark King – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Mike Rodden – bass guitar, backing vocals
Cody Hanson – drums

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