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December 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

DÉDALE, the sophomore release from French quartet Dacast is a hard album to describe, and at sometimes an even harder album to listen to. The 2 tracks, clocking in at 15 minutes and 20 minutes respectively and labeled only as “Face A and B”, cover a broad gamut of sonic expression. Incorporating post-rock noise, grindcore, progressive doom, and enough math to make the Dillinger Escape Plan proud, it’s ambitious to say the least.

Candidly, I enjoyed DÉDALE, but it took some warming up to. It’s certainly not the kind of album you pop into the car stereo for a quick spin; it’s the kind of album that requires a level of commitment from the listener and is best experienced in a single sitting from start to finish. There’s not much in the way of obvious symmetry across the various segments that comprise the tracks, but that’s kind of the idea. Random acts of aural hostility and schizophrenic freakouts that freely flow into one another without obstacles or interruption. Almost like the musical equivalent to a Dali painting. Once I finally persevered and made it through an entire listen, I felt exhausted and openly muttered “what the hell did I just listen to?” When was the last time a piece of music did that to you? When I went back for a second helping, I heard things in different perspective as well as entire movements that I’d missed previously. If nothing else, there’s some definite replay value.

And here’s the real beauty of DÉDALE – it’s available as a free digital download through Dacast’s Bandcamp page (accessible via the included Facebook link). A physical copy will set you back a few bones, but the band really makes it worth your while to indulge your curiosity and draw your own conclusions. Can’t go wrong with that now, can ya? If we reviewed albums with letter grades on this site, DÉDALE would earn an “E” for endurance, because that’s exactly what you’ll need to appreciate what Dacast has attempted here. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you just might find yourself appreciating the 35 minutes of musical schizophrenia.
Track Listing

1. Face A
2. Face B


Tibo – Bass
Drixxe – Drums
Sylvain – Guitar
Abdel – Vocals

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