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Cursed sun
December 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Underground, local metal bands; there’s definitely a lot more of them than there used to be, all trying to break into a scene dominated by the gods of our modern day tastes and naturally it is getting harder to achieve that little something special to declare oneself as arriving with a trail of pyrotechnics and a cavalry in support. And whilst I believe this release from Cursed Sun will not be a world beater, it is definitely a refreshing effort from the roots of the British underground.

Cursed Sun’s debut release “Premonitions” offers us straight up, in your face metal with some elements of melodic metal squeezed in there half way through. In general the production and sound of the album is very good, there are no overpowering instruments and it seems carefully put together. However, despite this praise, there was one thing going through my mind whilst listening, which is my greatest criticism, that I wish it was an instrumental album. The vocals are really not for me, that’s not to say, however, that they may not be your type but it’s the philistine in me that comes out whenever I hear a voice similar to Phil Anselmo or Dez Fafara in Coalchamber. The very few clean vocals are also far too ‘southern’ for me from an English band, as it always reminds me of people trying to be what they’re not.

I suppose you’re wondering what positives there are to take from this album, and rest assure; there are plenty. Musically this album is solid, some great riffs both technical and melodic, some great drum work and they all fit seamlessly together song after song. Whilst not being the most imaginative or different it definitely serves a decent purpose. I guess I need to blame myself for expecting a style similar to that of Opeth in terms of the progressive melody, but what I have heard here is satisfactory and a decent effort, and as previously mentioned, the vocals may be to your liking, just not mine. ‘Cruelty Concept’ and ‘In Sufferance’ form a nice coalition together blending the musical endeavours of this band and ‘White Horse’ is definitely a stand out track of no nonsense metal

The band is young and has plenty to build on from here. Yes, I’ve heard better as I’m sure we all have, but I’ve definitely heard a lot worse. I personally feel the first 6 songs are far more enjoyable than the latter 4, but that’s for you to decide for yourselves.

Overall I feel the best way to describe this album is as an album which sticks its middle finger up, it’s just not many people can see it yet. I’m hoping the band can progress from this effort as there is definitely a platform in my opinion, others may disagree, but I definitely wouldn’t dismiss this as just another local metal band.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. The Necrotic Gift
2. White Horse
3. Unleashed
4. The Vultures
5. Cruelty Concept
6. In Sufferance
7. Demoncaller
8. Between These Walls
9. In the Shadow of the Cross
10. Descension


Jones - Vocals
Ciaran - Guitar
Bryn - Bass
Johnny - Guitar
Chris - Drums

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