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Cradle of Filth
The Manticore And Other Horrors
December 2012
Released: 2012, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It’s strange to think that Dani Filth and co. have been plying their love/hate trade for over 20 years now, and yet here we are in 2012 with Cradle of Filth’s 10th full-length studio album, and something like their 850th release over all (just kidding, it just feels that way...). In fact, the band has experienced a resurgence in the last few years, with albums GODSPEED ON THE DEVIL’S THUNDER and DARKLY DARKLY VENUS AVERSA being very well accepted and considered musical upgrades over the band’s somewhat lacklustre releases post career highlight, MIDIAN.

With the ridiculously titled THE MANTICORE AND OTHER HORRORS, Cradle continues their hot streak. You won’t hear anything new or shocking here, but you WILL hear a collection of great, enjoy able songs, especially album highlights “Frost on Her Pillow” and “Pallid Reflection”, both of which contain some of the catchiest riffs the Filthy ones have ever done. Main music writer Paul Allender has proven himself the most valuable player in the band for some time now, and although he hasn’t deviated from his formula here, there is a punk-like immediacy to these songs that wasn’t there in the past. As for Dani Filth himself – he’s the same as ever, if somewhat less shrieky this time. After all the years of punishment he’s inflicted on his vocal chords, I have no idea how he can still talk, let alone scream. And of course, his lyrics continue to be some of the best in the business.

What can I say? Cradle of Filth has taken a lot of heat throughout their career and this album will not change their denigrators’ minds. However, THE MANTICORE AND OTHER HORRORS is yet another vulgarly delectable addition to the band’s catalogue.
Track Listing

1. The Unveiling of O
2. The Abhorrent
3. For Your Vulgar Delectation
4. Illicitus
5. Manticore
6. Frost on Her Pillow
7. Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
8. Pallid Reflection
9. Siding with the Titans
10. Succumb to This
11. Sinfonia


Dani Filth: Vocals
Paul Allender: Guitar
Daniel Firth: Bass
Marthus: Drums

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