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Brute Forcz
Out For Blood
December 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Former pro wrestling tag team champions Slammer and Jammer along with British export and lead guitarist Will Wallner make up Los Angeles, California's own "Kick Ass Heavy Metal" three-piece Brute Forcz. The no-nonsense, eighties inspired trio had previously self-released a four song teaser EP a few years back, with catchy, soon to be classics such as "Live For Speed" "Sex Machine" "Thrill Queen" and "Leather and Chains"

Fast forward to the tail end of 2012 and the wait is over for the "Big, Thick and In Your Face" full length release from Brute Forcz. All four songs from the debut EP are included on this Bob Kulick produced slab of bar room, brass knuckled, slobber-knocker heavy metal. I have been reading a lot of comparisons in the press to Motorhead and while musically that's not too far of a stretch, vocally Jammer's approach is less raspy, less hoarse than Lemmy. He has a cool, confident and collected grunt to his phrasing. You like Jammer's vocals. That's important, because if you don't properly appreciate his good ol' college try behind the mic don't be surprised to find yourself wearing a neck cast for the next six to eight months as a result of a skull crushing piledriver administered through the Spanish announcer's table.

I had damn near worn out my copy of the initial four song EP, so it was a sight for sorer ears when OUT FOR BLOOD finally turned up in my mailbox. The title track will have you banging your head in approval to the beat of this mid-tempo, assaulting, street prowler anthem. Brute Forcz have a lot of songs about bumping uglies and "Metal Injection" is no exception. If you were craving a song about laying a sultry, hot, bombshell of a sex goddess down in your bed and sliding a "Metal Injection" deep inside her, well... this songs for you. Another new tune on tap on OUT FOR BLOOD would be the hooky, jailbait riffery of "Teenage Lover" with instantly memorable lyrics like "Your young blood makes me feel like no other, Now what was your name again? My Teenage Lover"

"Torture Chamber" is as heavy as a ten-ton anvil descending from 100,000 feet in the air and delivered with the sincerity of three bad to the bone metal merchants hell bent on snapping your puny, mere mortal necks. Will Wallner delivers some bluesy, fret scorching leads as Slammer and Jammer put the pedal to the metal at decimating, ear shattering full volume. By the time "Hang Em High" hits I would expect any self respecting headbanger to have downed the better part of a case of beer, thrashing about their living room in full acceptance of this newly released platter of awesomeness (At least that's what I did) OUT FOR BLOOD comes to an end with "Freedom's Heart (Neda's Song)" this song lyrically seems to delve away from the sex, booze and violence of the rest of the songs on OUT FOR BLOOD but musically remains firmly entrenched in hard rocking eighties metal glory.

The production on OUT FOR BLOOD is absolutely top notch considering the enlisted talents of Bob Kulick. The cover art however is not the greatest. It is a step above the cheap graphics that were found on the cover of the four song EP, but still a far cry from what a metal album of this caliber would require. The booklet is a simple two panel inlay that on one side features a collage of band photos opposite to a heartfelt tribute to a deceased close friend of the band on the other side of the panel. Being that this is at present a self released affair, the poor packaging is easily overlooked. I'm really at a loss for words why this release hasn't already been picked up by an indie label looking for their flagship act or even a larger label in search of their next big seller. Be forewarned, this is a band to keep an eye on in 2013.
Track Listing

1. Live for Speed
2. Out for Blood
3. Metal Injection
4. Sex Machine
5. Teenage Lover
6. Leather N Chains
7. Torture Chamber
8. Thrill Queen
9. Hang Em High
10. Freedom's Heart (Neda's Song)


Jammer - Bass, Vocals
Slammer - Drums
Will Wallner - Guitar



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