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Beggars On Highway
Hard, Loud, And Alcoholic
December 2012
Released: 2012, Unsigned
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Here’s an Italian curiosity, Beggars On Highway hailing from Parma, Italy and playing a vintage combination of garage rock, punk, trash, and sleaze metal. The band cites Motorhead and the Ramones as influences, but in truth this is not too far removed from the early albums of Hardcore Superstar and Sweden’s sleaze movement at the beginning of this new millennium. Buckcherry also comes to mind, though Beggars On Highway seems much more authentic than those poseurs. The EP lives up to the promise of the title, as HARD, LOUD, AND ALCOHOLIC is indeed made for imbibing while listening at loud volumes.

Lacking any attempts at subtlety, HARD, LOUD, AND ALCOHOLIC hits with a clenched fist haymaker, sloppy and off balance, incorporating fast power chord shifts to a more than capable backbeat and inspired bar-band guitars. Production-wise, this is actually quite clean and thick, the band capably captured performing their sweat and blood brand of brash rock. Vocally, Alessandro Angella really does a nice job of marrying a don’t give-a shit punk attitude vocal style with gleeful and unrestrained enthusiasm. I mean, the message rings loud and clear early on that this band enjoys what they do and is having a hell of a time doing it. Lyrically, it is all pretty amusing with odes to drinking and sex, delivered uncensored and in a way that recalls the vulgarity of Steel Panther. Choice cut for me would be “Next Door Girl” which boasts infectious energy and the direct and to the point lyric, “Next door girl I wanna fuck you”, a line that doubtless works every time.

I would be lying if I said this was outstanding stuff; it is definitely tailored for a certain audience that appreciates an almost anti-musical, sweaty club band style of rock. However, the vibe and energy won me over and while the live song “Drunk Tonight” is so putridly recorded that it is an instant throw away, the rest of the album points to a potential as yet untapped. Really, this is an ideal soundtrack for drinking and not much else, but man what a night you are in for with the right concoction in hand! Recommended for fans of Motorhead, Ramones, Buckcherry, and early Hardcore Superstar.
Track Listing

1. Live Wild

2. Soap Maker Woman

3. Beggars on Highway

4. Leave Me Alone

5. Next Door Girl


Alessandro Angella: Vocals
Mattia Malvisi: Guitar and backing vocals
Luca Barigazzi: Guitar
Francesco Calvo Consales: Drums
Dimitri Corradini: Bass

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