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4th Dimension
The White Path To Rebirth
December 2012
Released: 2011, Crash And Burn
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Elsewhere in this site I reviewed some albums by Italian Power Metal veterans. However it is important that one does not forget or neglect the young and upcoming hopefuls that keep the sound and the scene alive. One such band is 4th Dimension. Founded back in 2005 it took a few years before the debut album hit the shelves, but the band had enough potential that they drafted some heavy-hitters from the Italian Power Metal scene. The album was produced by Alessio Lucatti, the keyboardist of Vision Divine, and none other than Fabio Lione (Rhapsody Of Fire) provides guest vocals on the song ‘A New Dimension’.

The package is very nice, an eye-catching cover, full colour booklet, lyrics, pictures, with good graphics. The production is clear and loud and brings out the fine performances of this young quartet from Asiago, Italy. The ten songs run for just over 50 minutes and the lyrics by vocalist Bicego are introspective and intelligent, rather than the usual high-fantasy, often presented by bands in this style.

Musically speaking, 4th Dimension play a nice blend of symphonic Power Metal and some progressive elements. They do not over utilize orchestration, there aren’t massive choirs and dozens of strings and horns but there is enough classical references to be appealing. The guitar and keyboard interplay are very well done, one never overshadowing the other. The pace of the songs is quick but never always just full-speed. One of the greatest strengths of the album are the vocal melody lines. Check out the chorus of a cut like ‘Golden Eyes’, it is just fantastic, instantly memorable. Some of the songs are a bit quicker, for example ‘Sworn To The Flame’ but it also has a very catchy and inspiring chorus line. There are some very nice arrangements and the compositions are well-done, some slows parts, some fast parts, some acoustic piano, some semi-spoken words parts, each song with enough room for individual flashy performances but always having a strong sense of melody. It’s a good blend and there is enough power, speed and blazing solos to satisfy most Metal fans.

THE WHITE PATH TO REBIRTH also caught the ears of other bands as the band toured with Sonata Arctica and Labyrinth. Watch for the bands next full-length in 2013 and in the meantime check out our exclusive interview with the band here. (insert link to interview) Editors Note: apologies to the band for the delay in publication of the review of this album that was released in 2011.
Track Listing

1. The Sun in My Life
2. Consigned to the Wind
3. Goldeneyes
4. Sworn to the Flame
5. Everlasting
6. A New Dimension
7. Winter's Gone
8. Labyrinth of Glass
9. Angel's Call
10. Landscapes


Andrea Bicego Vocals
Michele Segafredo Guitars
Talete Fusaro Keyboards
Stefano Pinaroli Bass
Massimiliano Forte Drums

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