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Honor Forth
August 2013
Released: 2013, Cellador Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Great to hear this kind of power metal coming out of the USA, in this case Denver, Colorado. Maybe you have not heard of Cellador and that’s ok. Neither had I until this release, but I am willing to bet you will be hearing more about them in the not too distant future. The band originally formed in Omaha, Nebraska and has released two albums prior to this EP, HONOR FORTH. HONOR FORTH was actually written and recorded in 2011 but is just now being released. The band classifies their sound as melodic speed metal, but they could just as easily be called extreme power metal or power metal on steroids. Really, the most obvious big name comparison would be DragonForce in terms of technicality and speed, but Cellador differs in that they are not nearly as saccharine as DragonForce is on many of their choruses.

With only four songs, the band wastes no time, delivering a quick jab to the nose and then a swift kick to your ass while you are gasping for breath. “Honor Forth” is the lead off track and establishes the EP’s template of speedy chunks of rhythm deftly interspersed with lightning quick runs, courtesy of guitarists Chris Petersen and Caleb Delaet, both gifted with fleet fingers that dance over the fret boards effortlessly. The quick opening riff hearkens back to the awesome Helloween tune “Judas” before kicking into a hyper warp tempo. Petersen also capably handles vocal duties while drummer Nick Mccallister manages to keep up with the Formula One glory ride pace of the guitars. “Conscious Defector” is another memorable tune with dueling guitars and sweep picked solos, as well as a slightly slower tempo than the first three tracks.

Overall, this is a strong run of four songs. The engineering has also given the album a clear and powerful sound. It might be a tough slog to listen to an entire album at this tempo, which on similar albums begins to blend together to my ears, but works fine on EP length. Here is to hoping that the band will vary the tempos and style a bit on their full-length follow up (and I do not mean that they should do ballads!). No question, the band has the chops and the precision to make a go at this, with the understanding that all power metal bands basically have the chops. Having said that, I really look forward to hearing more from this Colorado band and what they might accomplish. Recommended for fans of DragonForce, Iron Fire and other fast power metal bands.
Track Listing

1. Honor Forth

2. I’m Omega

3. Unchained

4. Conscious Defector


Chris Petersen - Vocals, Guitar
Diego Valadez - Synths, Backing Vocals
James Pickett - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nick McCallister - Drums
Caleb Delaet - Guitar

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