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Endless Night
August 2013
Released: 2013, Comfort Point
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Balls to technical stuff that all those extreme bands play, The Ramones managed to make 14 albums predominantly based on 3 chords, 4 if you were lucky. TOAD – or Take Over And Destroy – have a simplistic rock/doom approach on the EP ‘Endless Night’ – but it’s good enough for you to rock out to in your own time before you feel some sort of impending evil wanting to take over your soul…

‘Taste of the Grave’ is a three minute power punch, grabbing your attention whilst giving your head a good kicking in. Chthon’s vocals are crazily scary beyond the thunderous backing band – technical in their own right nut simple enough for everyone to enjoy. From the gloom of Cosmophobia you start to settle in to this album, but that’s only because it’s a six minute long doom epic.

It’s a roller coaster ride of thrash (Boundaries of Flesh) and heavily distorted bass mixed in to some good old rock n’ roll (Taste of the Grave and Howling House). Finishing with Endless Night for its third six minute long epic, there’s the drone of Sabbath heavily involved with the cliché organ added in, but again Chthon’s vocals dominate the tracks, making it sound almost as satanic as Ghost B.C (They beat all bands to it, sorry fellas).

As a band, it sounds like a band from the seventies that’s fused with the sound of the nineties two decades of genre pioneering music to make a hell of a good album. After you finish listening to Endless night, you may not even be able to see the morning light.

Review by Connor Flello
Track Listing

1) Taste of the Grave
2) Cosmophobia
3) Howling House
4) Boundaries of Flesh
5) Endless Night


Chthon- Vocals
Alex Bank Rollins - Guitar / Vocals
Nate Garrett- Guitar
Pete Porter - Organ
Trey Wilson - Bass
Jason Tomaszewski - Drums

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