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August 2013
Released: 2009, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Emidio Vaz (Guest Writer/Canada)

When I listen to bands such as Ravencroft that deliver exilurating brand of Metal. I have the satisfaction of knowing that Rock/Metal is in damn good hands for years to come. The vocals of Dave Roberts that drive through the bashing sound of the heavy guitar playing and hard pounding of the skin's that form Ravencroft's brand of Metal is felt in every aspect of the word Heavy Metal.

The band began rehearsing off of Ravencroft Garland,Texas in 2009 and like a big bass drum sound,the bands name was created. Dave Roberts and Mark Hanson have gone through many member changes and as Ravencroft says, "It's not for the part time musician", and certainly evident in the Metal they put forth.

In 2009 Ravencroft put out a four song EP called PUSH, recorded at The Lemon Tree Studios in Dallas,Texas. The first four songs were more Blues influenced,that's not unusual as all good Rock/Metal evolves around the Blues just how much depends on the band but as members changed so did the song writing. Once "Emilio The Axeman Basaldua"became lead guitarist,(in their own words and I quote) "It was peddle to the Metal with rock Riff's falling from the Heavy Metal Sky". Alan Kirk, the bass player brought in European tones sprinkled rock into the mix and has developed into what it has become "Metal to the maximus". Dave a successful musician from the 80's with a inpressive 14 years of touring during the Rock n Roll extravaganza of that decade and Allan doing his touring in Europe at that same time. The two Rock warriors have gotten together and leave no rock unturned when it comes to putting a song together and delivering to the Rock faithful with confidence.

Ravencroft returned back to the studio in Dallas at Universal Rehearsal and Back-Line to complete their current album. The vocals of Dave Roberts on "I Hope She Loves Me" is a heart felt power Ballad the vocals clearly dictate the Metal and the complemanting lead guitar of Axeman Emilio Basaldua riffing and giving passage to the rythem guitar of Chris Green along with the blending in of bass playing of Alan Kirk and the drums of Mark Hanson bring's out the sweet heavy taste to Metal ears. "Every Beat" is different from "I Hope She Loves Me" where's it's more driven in terms of the guitar playing, being all in synch and working as one. Head banging term comes alive,the hard pounding of the skin's demanding more and more from the guitar's and the vocal's blaring out as clear as a full moon on a October night. I love the way the lead comes through and fades back,creating an orgasmic Heavy Metal feeling. "Ericas Past" is a more melodic sounding piece but the same result with Ravencroft pouring everything into the music that they perform and believe in and that could only be Rock n Roll. "Fallin" is a tune being a lot more Blues influenced then the previous cuts, giving it a Texas hard Rock taste and both lead and rhythm staying as one in a just damn good Texas style. "Push" is very good lead guitar introduction being accompanied by the rolling thunder of Mark Hanson drum's, Dave Roberts pipes then break in and Ravencroft bring their trade mark "Atomic Metal" flow down on the "Rock n Roll" faithful.

Ravencroft Is a very determined Metal band that grab's it's audience by the parts and does'nt let go until the song end's. That's the power of pure Metal,when played to the maximum of potential. Ravencroft musicians driving that hard beat as if they were all playing the same instrument,showing both quality and determination in the Metal that's being performed and felt. The sample of Ravencroft music that I have reviewed is the music that has been re-mastered but not the only music they have out. The EP comes with four unmastered bonus tracks, "Test', 'Greed', 'Soldier Of Fortune' and 'Choices' that all add to their cache of Metal and are the same quality as their mastered music. So get to know Ravencroft before they get world wide recognition and enjoy.I will not compare Ravencroft with other Metal bands, I'll leave that to their followers.
Track Listing

1. I Hope She Loves Me
2. Every Beat
3. Erica's Past
4. Fallin'
5. Push
6. Test
7. Greed
8. Soldier Of Fortune
9. Choices


Dave Roberts -Vocals
Emilio Basaldua-Guitar
Chris Green-Guitar
Alan Kirk-Bass
Mark Hanson-Drums

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