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Delightful Carnage
August 2013
Released: 2013, Psychobolia Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

France's Psychobolia have somehow managed to score not one, but two of the most fearsome female death metal vocalists out there. Their 2008 debut, the unfortunately titled Fisting You All, featured the flame-throwing pipes of Caroline, who made Arch Enemy frontwoman and fellow German Angela Gossow sound dainty by comparison. She subsequently left, but has been replaced by the even more irascible and intense Ginger, who can outgrowl and scream many a dude.

Ginger's wolverine snarl makes for a primal, apropos accompaniment for the band's time-warp brutal death metal, which is reminiscent of the early blasting and hammering of Deicide, Sinister or Krisiun. It's nothing terribly fancy, and definitely nothing pretty, but it's vicious and will rip the flesh right off your face.

Propelled by aptly named drummer Gogo, Delightful Carnage is pedal to the metal nearly all the time. It opens with a gunshot prior to “Rotten Cold Shreds” and it's off to the races from there. And with most of the songs clocking in at less than three minutes, the band are a model of murderous efficiency.

The frenetic tempos are matched by guitarist Buru's slashing riffs and strafing leads, which are punctuated by quick-hitting, here and there hooks for added impact. “Love's Deadly Vortex” and “Lost Illusions” bring all these ingredients together especially well and make for some of Carnage's more memorable moments.

The ceaseless hit-and-run pace can make it a bit difficult to sink your teeth into the songs here – as can, truth be told, Ginger's single-minded, though undeniably effective vocals. Everything zips by in a feral blur. But lean, mean and brutal is still a pretty lethal combination, and Psychobolia are all that and then some.
Track Listing

1. Rotten Cold Shreds
2. Awake in Death
3. Shallow Depths
4. Vertigo
5. Love's Deadly Vortex
6. Tearing Me Apart
7. Imploring the Crusher
8. Lost Illusions
9. Desiderium
10. Carnage
11. Brain Melt
12. A Split Second


Ginger – vocals
Buru - guitars
Gaut Bill - bass
Gogo - drums

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