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Punishment Unfolds
August 2013
Released: 2012, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The Blynd us come from troubled Cyprus and show us their second album called PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS. A band that exists since 2003 and has released 2 EPs and another album in 2010. The band's sound walks in heavy-thrash paths but with few impurities from the Swedish death metal scene. There is any new pattern or virginal generation in the track composition, but it sounds certainly something fresh and full of callousness.

The band shows a mature sound and knows what they want and how to pull it out. The 11 tracks on the album is a collection of sharp and aggressive riffs, flawless and fierce drumming and very powerful growling vocals. There is an orchestral track "Divine Gathering" that beautifies the final form of the present thorny elaboration. Some songs will surely stick in the mind more than the other ones, but not because the other songs are bad.

In tracks such as The Chosen Few and the title track, there is a more Slipknot voltage infused with rhythmical guitar-ring oriented with a metalcore feeling, regarding to the beat downs in general. The "Divine Conspiracy" reminds more thrash and roll situations because of the riffs and the namesake of the album (for me stands out already) is more evident Swedish thrash. The production of the album is not bad in any way and everything sounds as it prospectively should shall sound. The contribution of Foti Bernardo's own Devasoundz Studios was pretty helpful. The most striking point of the album is the excellent production, despite the own songs.Also, it’s worth saying something about the cooperation with Seth Siro Anton (Septic Flesh) for the album cover and the participation of Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) in the chorus of the title track. This is the dream team of the Greek extreme metal background. Seth has created albums covers for aniticipated bands such as Exodus, Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Job for A Cowboy, Caliban etc. and Sakis is the founder of the most glorious and eminent and renowned band of Greece.

Blynd released an album that sounds very pleasant and definitely will make you get hit by their party. It is not innovative but it is not always the point. This album shows that the Cypriot band ably rocks and certainly can do its breakthrough in European metal map. This album is definitely not jaded, but surely jagged. There is a lot going on in the whole album, Eleven groovy tracks with sufficiently brutal vocals and some THIN-melodic touches in certain pieces compose. It’s a fine piece of work from Blynd; an overload of grand melodies, dinstictive vocals, delivered with maximum efficiency and it’s a balls-out uncompromising, ferocious, rousing, heavy and bold step forward for this band.

This second full length of the band shows that this Cypriot foursome can be the next big thing in extreme metal, due to the fact that this full-notch Scandinavian-oriented melodic and groovy death metal which it is like the embodiment of horror, darkness and sickness.
Track Listing

1. Divine Gathering
2. Arrival of the Gods
3. As Punishment Unfolds
4. Never for the
5. The Chosen Few
6. Convicted in the Devil’s Land
7. Sins to the Cross
8. The Final Resistance
9. Divine Conspiracy
10. Infinity Race

The Chosen Few – video (bonus)


Andreas Paraschos- Vocals/Bass
Constantinos Constantinou- Guitars
George Masouras- Guitars
Alex Iacovou- Drums

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