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Mystic Charm
Shadows of the Unknown
August 2013
Released: 2013, Shiver Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

From the cluster of Doom/Death Metal bands from the 1990’s comes Mystic Charm, whose sole full length album, 1994’s “Shadows of the Unknown”, is filled with awesome ideas. The band is fronted by Rini Lipman, and her vocal delivery is on par with bands like Derketa, who feature female vocalists doing growled vocals that are sicker than any of the male Death Metal vocalists. Even though the band released an EP in 2001, the band is currently split-up; however, this record just begs to be rediscovered by fans.

The album begins with some atmospheric noises that comprise the title track, then slowly moves into a Candlemass-inspired Doom Metal dual-guitar riff; acoustic guitars then appear, leading up to the sick vocal work.

The music has a Celtic Frost-like quality, due to the guitar riffs and the production. The tempo of the songs varies between the slow Doom Metal sections, and the more Death Metal inspired parts with double kick drums. “Window of Reality” reminds me of Obituary circa “The End Complete”, as does “Saved Souls”, which also includes some creepy keyboard sections and haunting guitar leads. On the other hand, the listeners also get slower numbers like “Lost Empire” and “Endless Sickness”.

The Celtic Frost influence is also heard on “Crushed Virginity”, which features awesome sections, where one could not blame those waiting for the characteristic “UGH! “ from Thomas G. Warrior to suddenly come creeping out of the music.

This is definitely a worthy record for those who appreciate bands that mix Doom and Death Metal elements like Derketa, old Cianide, and Autopsy. It can also be recommended to fans of Celtic Frost.

The band also manages to slip in elements such as keyboards and acoustic guitars with such ease, and the parts of the record where these can be heard are really impressive.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

1. Shadows of the Unknown
2. Mystic Charms
3. Window of Reality
4. Deadly Embrace
5. Saved Soul
6. Lost Empire
7. Beyond Darkness
8. Crushed Virginity
9. Endless Sickness


Rini Lipman - Vocals
Herwig Schuiling - Guitars
Gerlach Timmer - Bass
Gerard Van Assen - Drums

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