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August 2013
Released: 2013, F.D.A. Rekotz
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I love to hear bands push the envelope and develop new styles, and in some cases, new genres. It’s exciting, and the expansion of metal is never a bad thing (so long as it stays METAL). That said, sometimes you just want to bang your head to something familiar. Enter Germany’s Lifeless, a band that’s been pummelling the airwaves since 2004, and have one previous album to their credit 2008’s (BEYOND THE THRESHOLD OF DEATH).

In short, these guys LOVE their death metal, specifically old-school late ‘80s / early ‘90s death metal of the type blasted forth by the likes of Dismember and Entombed. One listen to the title track of this album and you’ll wonder if it isn’t an outtake from LIKE AN EVER FLOWING STREAM. Sure, there’s absolutely nothing new to be heard on this release, and Lifeless are one of many new bands plying this trade, but goddamn it if GODCONSTRUCT doesn’t suck me in ever time. The tone is so perfect and the band’s sincerity is beyond reproach. The fact that they can write some damn memorable riffs (“Sworn to Death”!!!) is just icing on the blood-drenched cake.

Bands like Lifeless may be a dime a dozen, but when old-school death metal is done right, it doesn’t matter – these guys will get you going, guaranteed. If you’re at all a fan of death metal, this album should be high on your 2013 “Must Hear” list.
Track Listing

1. Praeludium: Endzeit
2. Godconstruct
3. Towards Damnation
4. Moribund
5. Blood for the Gods
6. The Truth Concealed
7. Interludium: Zeitenwende
8. Seething With Rage
9. Sworn to Death
10. Reconquering the Soul
11. Blindead
12. Perdition of the Whore


Marc Neiderhagemann: Vocals, Guitar
Daniel Lerose: Drums
Daniel Wien: Bass
Jan: Guitar



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