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Jac Dalton
August 2013
Released: 2013, Savage Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Jac Dalton may not be the first band that comes to mind when you think 'classic rock', but they are and they're currently proving themselves with the release of their new album, Icarus. The first track " waterline" comes in with some melodic but hard hitting guitar, giving us a sign of what is to come. Instantly i'm stamping my feet along with the guitar, imagining what it would be like to see this live, to feel the passion of the band as the intro continues to build.

The guitarist- Graham Greene plays over a nice heavy bass line being constructed by Troy brazier, getting you pumped with the heavy heat. Energy is created, flowing from the speakers and giving you a boost. The lead singer Jac Dalton comes in with his big, confident, high vocals and when you hear him, you think of classic late 80's, you think of Whitesnake. You think of all the reasons why you listen to classic rock in the first place.

"For your love" continues the album with a slow and melodic start,introducing a slow piano in the background and you can just imagine seeing them on a stage, an audience in front of them, singing along just as loud and just as passionate. It's the kind of song that unites an audience and the artist on stage, making them one for just four short minutes.

The song is the same slow, melodic long song that we've all heard over and over before, with a catchy chorus thrown in. The kind of song that gets stuck in your head, the same lines repeating and repeating on a loop. I was shocked to hear such a slow song at the beginning of the album, I expected to have some heavy, hard hitting drum beats like the first song promised and I, personally, was disappointed as the album started off so great.

"Eye of the storm" is the next track and wakes you up, picking up the pace with Graham Greened kicking arse on the lead guitar and that deep bass line, again this is one that people can just connect with, a song for the crowd to sing along to, this song is catchy from start to finish, it has with it the ability to unite a crowd, bring them together with the easy lyrics of a song that they can all sing along too, together. It feels as though its purpose was to be sung live, and I, for one, can not wait to experience this song live. Best song on the album for me.

Once locked crocked & ready to rock, icarus kick in, I feel a certain amount of disappointment with the album, even with Graham Greene just managing to keep the tracks alive with his kickass guitar solos. They are pushing themselves with the " Back to Black" cover by ACDC, freshening it up by adding a banjo. This is a serious song and choosing to cover it is a brave move; it really shows off the bands influences on the styling of Jac Dalton.

Despite being a cover Jac Dalton have managed to make the song their own, but I feel like they've taken away from the greatness of the song, by not sticking close to the original and keeping that ACDC feel alive.

The song, "suck, bang, blow" starts up and the band are back to their best. When the song kicks off you are returned to a world of distorted guitars and hard drum beats. It sounds like the other tracks on the album, another catchy tune, a copy of a copy.

The last track on the album, 'state of rock' starts up with the heavy pounding of drums, the roaring guitars and vocals and it shows of the individual talents amongst the band. The song is great, but I am still left with a feeling of being disappointed - by the fact that throughout the album there was not enough change, the songs sound similar and seem to share the same backing vocals and drum beats.

Overall, the album is worth a listen. Even with the catchy chorus' and amazing talent among the band, the album just doesn't quite cut it. Average album for a great, talented band.

Review by Rebecca Louis Brown
Track Listing

1. Waterline
2. For your love
3. Eye of the storm
4. Armed and dangerous
5. Locked, cocked and ready to rock
6. Good to go
7. Icarus
8. Back to black (addc cover)
9. Suck bang blow
10. State of rock


Jac Dalton- lead vocals,
Mark Meyer- drums, Paul quigly- drums,
Damien Steels Scott- bass,
Darren Mullan- keyboards and bass,
Graham Green- lead guitar,
Donna Greene and Melissa dowd- backing vocals,
Billy Bob rankine- additional guitars
Rob Riley- additional guitars

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