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Infinita Symphonia
Infinita Symphonia
August 2013
Released: 2013, Scarlet Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Hmmm…an Italian Symphonic Power Metal band on Scarlet Records. It doesn’t get any better than this! Just those three little words ‘Italian’, ‘Symphonic’ and ‘Power’ immediately caught my attention. The fact that this quintet is on Scarlet is just icing on the cake I know I’m already going to devour with pleasure. Scarlet has this uncanny skill at finding great Italian Power Metal bands such as bands such as Kaledon, Labyrinth, Thy Majestie, Eldritch, DGM, Secret Sphere, Skylark, Vision Divine and the sadly defunct Odyssea. I can add Infinita Symphonia to the record labels undefeated streak of signing excellent bands.

INFINITA SYMPHONIA despite being self-titled is the bands second record. They quintet are from Rome and have maintained a stable line-up since the last album. This young band seem to be quite new on the scene but seem to have enough talent to impress none other than Michael Kiske who contributes vocals to the track ‘Fly’. His voice works well with that of singer Luca Miconi who has a bit of a tone that is reminiscent of Bruce Dickenson and Blaze Bayley. Oddly enough, the band isn’t really that heavily orchestrated or symphonic even though the name might lead you to believe that. I can also day I think this is only the second time I can recall having seen a teddy bear on the front of a metal album cover, the first being Scelerata’s THE SNIPER! The band has top quality performances and production, everything sounds bright and full with an exceptional drum sound. The songs flow together seamlessly and have just a hint of progressive nature to keep things varied and interesting. You will hear bits of acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, some minor orchestration and burst of speed scattered through the songs. I especially like the flamenco-styled instrumental cut called ‘interlude’. Some of the songs do fall into the mellower side, not necessarily ballads (although the song ‘In Your Eyes’ is an exceptional power ballad) but they are not extremely aggressive. Intense and passionate yes, but the album is not crushingly heavy except for a few hints here and there, like on the track ‘Welcome To My World’, where Luca delivers a more gritty vocal tone.

This band is more than worthy to command a place on the hallowed Scarlet roster along side the other aforementioned Italian Power Metal titans. They have enough individual skill and compositional talent to make for a very enjoyable record.
Track Listing

1. If I Could Go Back
2. The Last Breath (Slideshow)
3. Welcome to My World
4. Drowsiness
5. In Your Eyes
6. Fly
7. Interlude
8. Waiting for a Day of Happiness
9. X IV
10. Limbo


Luca Micioni Vocals
Gianmarco Ricasoli Guitars
Claudio Metalli Keyboards
Alberto De Felice Bass
Luca Ciccotti Drums

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