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August 2013
Released: 2013, Klonosphere Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After having been likened to Faith No More and Strapping Young Lad, I had extremely high expectations for Hyperdump, wondering what on Earth could possibly sound like these to vastly different yet iconic bands combined! From the often neglected North of France, this quartet of metal heads is out to put France on the map for modern day metal.

Starting with trickling ambiance and a soft introduction, I could already understand the link to Faith No More, especially with the introduction of energetic and melodic vocals. “Welcome My Boy” is a very strong first track, summing up things to come as it includes such a broad spectrum of musical style. However, with this in mind, it made me yet more intrigued about what was to come.

“So Tried” bashes into action straight away with a barrage of triplets that move quickly into a dirty, dirty wall of chug that cannot be slammed by even the most refined and experienced of metal lovers. The vocals, which have an almost nu-metal tone about them, compliment the song perfectly, again, varying in the chorus and breaks (as with “Welcome My Boy”), showing a little more of the singers more melodic qualities. I can now see how they are likened to Strapping Young Lad.

The guitars also have a chance to shine in this track which can be seen in various breaks, while the leads are simply, they are very complimentary to the songs over all sound and are a pleasant break from the anger of the rest of the track. It is also worth noting, that through out the track, and those before, the bass is consistent and clean, perfectly mixed with a warm yet cutting tone, played pretty much without flaws!

What sounds like a car revving up introduces “Across A Path”, which is then followed by the same style of lead work and heavy chugging we have seen in the previous tracks! This track holds a encapsulates the sound of modern tech and progressive metal as seen in such bands as Cyclamen and Aliases – a tall order indeed! This is broken up beautifully with a melodic chorus, accompanied by considered vocals.

By far the most brutal so far, starting with a pronounced drum beat, deathly growls and intense guitar work, “Fake” certainly jumps out at you and there’s no ignoring it! For me personally, this track has the most impressive guitar riffs, while brief and mixed in effectively, these lads certainly know how to structure their stuff! Buckethead would surely envy the break in this! Just like to add, I would NOT mess with this drummer!

The title track closes the album, and after hearing what the boys have delivered so far, I am expecting big things! While heavy and furious, the intro of this song doesn’t quite live up to the rest of the album, however, the more chuggy style of this song makes it strong and punchy. It almost screams statement piece, this it their anthem without a doubt! There is almost something a little Black Label Society about this track, very slight, but it is definitely there, now if that isn’t a strong ending, I don’t know what is!

Review by Katherine Tullett
Track Listing

01. Welcome My Boy
02. So Tired
03. Across A Path Way
04. Fake
05. Hyperdump


Vocals: Ws
Guitars: Holyv
Bass: Sly
Drums: Guillaume

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