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R.O.C.K.-Best of 1983-2012
August 2013
Released: 2013, Deadline Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Emidio Vaz (Guest Writer/Canada)

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on R.O.C.K.-BEST OF 1983-2012. Helix has gone through many line up changes as witnessed over the yrs.but theres no compromising the quality of "Metal" they put out, Vollmer has the "Rock n Roll" scars to show his belief in the band & the music. His vocals are a gift to the purity of the "Metal" world & I would certainly put his vocals up there with the likes of "David Coverdale of Whitesnake" & others along the same line.

1) Danger Zone: The first song on "Best of 1983-2012" is a very rythmic piece of Heavy Metal "Vollmers" coming through with his very distinguishable vocals that are accompanied by a very well seasoned Metal band.Very well timed riffs & with the drums keeping beat giving voids for high & lows perfectly timed.

2) Running Wild in the 21st Century: Leading off with the pounding of the skins by "Fritz Hinz" & breaking out into the vocals,"Running wild in the 21st Century" has the flavour of the 80's (I say this in a good way)the riffs of "Brent Doerner"coming through in the back ground as if to echo a fine hard "Rock"piece.

3 ) Give It To You: This perticular tune has a more modest beat (in terms) of a more mild piece of Metal.Riffs starting off & giving way to a shuffling cow bell touch that introduces the drums and the band all joining in to a very beat driven piece giving passage to the riffs of Doerner.

4) Jaws of the Tiger: Very Melodic Metal @ the start strong accompaniment of Bassist Daryl Gray along with Kaleb Duck on guitar & of course the lead guitar Brent Doerner that as the song progresses becomes more aggresive Metal thanx to the vocals of Vollmer & displaying the purity in the Metal.

5) Deep Cuts The Knife: Oh yes the electric acoustic guitar & vocals bring out the exquisite ballad on this tune,displaying the bands very rounded talent that exposed them to the height they reached in the 80's (and very missed) by the Helix fans that still crave a taste of Ballad that's played by the band that's very much in synch.

6) Skin In The Game: A head bangging tune for the guy's waiting for an excuse to let loose,the lyrics dictating the sound, bringing it all together for the masses.

7) You got the Love that I like: Cymbal tapping having the electric instruments waiting impatiently to join in on the Thunderous Metal Extravaganza that's about to take over on this piece of pure "Heavy Metal" the vocals blending in with the hard driven beat making it a very influential piece that just suck's you in.

8) Good To The Last Drop: Another fine ballad that brings memories back to the beauty 0f the 80's decade when it came to music being played by true musicians.

9) The Same Room: A strong piece of pure Metal where the vocals glow in the mist of the electrefying sound that surrounds the "Metal" being performed on this tune.

10) Heavy Metal Love:The title say's it all on this 10th track."Rock n Roll" gasoline has been added to this tune the band going from one dimension to another in your face vocals with riffs breaking out and supported by guitar, bass and drums,listen to this one at 11 on the dial.

11) Fill Your Head With Rock: A fast hard driven piece of Metal,full throtel ahead runnin rich through the veins of all true Metal fans fulled by riffs that generate the pounding of the skins that need strong backing of the bass and guitar and the vocals that are so influentual that will have you playin this tune over and over again.

Theres an additional 11 tracks that I wont disect simply because this is "Heavy Metal" that deserves the "Metal Mongers" to listen to for themselves & judge. This is a Heavy Metal band that time cannot put aside and I believe the time to re-discover Helix is now.The power riff's of Brent Doerner, the guitar of Kaleb Duck and Bass accompaniment of long time band member Daryl Gray along with the pounding of the skins by Fritz Hinz and the very Impecable vocals of Brian Vollmer who not only brings Metal out of his vocal chords but also sings Classical along with Oprah & this is why (I as a music crtic) put him so high up with some of the best in the "Rock/Metal' world.

Helix is very much involved in the new millenium and continues to tour and heading back into the studio as they should,there's so much more that Helix has to offer in terms Heavy metal that a band of this magnitude just wont and will not go away!
Track Listing

1. Danger Zone
2. Running Wild in the 21st Century
3. Give It to You
4. Jaws of the Tiger
5. Deep Cuts the Knife
6. Skin in the Game
7. You Got the Love That I Like
8. Good to the Last Drop
9. The Same Room
10. Heavy Metal Love
11. Fill Your Head with Rock
12. Get Up !
13. Wild in the Streets
14. Six Feet Underground
15. Rock You
16. Champagne Communist
17. Animal Inside
18. Make 'Em Dance
19. I'm a Live Frankenstein
20. Axe to Grind
21. All I Want for Christmas Is the Leafs to Win the Cup



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