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Thoughts Of A Rising Sun
August 2013
Released: 2013, Self-Released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Gravil is a band from the U.K. whose style could be described as Melodic Death Metal, yet it incorporates elements from different styles of music. These include melodic vocalizations, keyboards, and even some Industrial Metal sounds.

The self-released “Thoughts of a Rising Sun” is their first full length record, after two EPs and a single. The band managed to be featured in publications such as Terrorizer, Kerrang, and Rock Sound magazines; they also headlined the Takeover stage at Download Festival 2013.

While the band definitely tries hard to be different, certain elements of their sound did not appeal to me. While the band does play some good Death Metal riffs here and there, and there are some good melodic ideas, somehow elements from the Mall Core sound kind of creep in and drag down the music for me.

For instance, “The Enemy Within” starts like something from …And Oceans “A.M.G.O.D.” record, with its techno-like keyboard intro; now, this is not a bad thing at all, but then the band kicks in with guitar riffs that are a bit too dangerously close to Mall Core bands.

Speaking of which, something must be said about the vocal style here: singer Grant Stacey varies between screeching that sometimes resembles Black Metal, and some clean vocals that, again, seem too close to what you would get when listening to some “hot new band” being promoted at Hot Topic.

To be fair, some ideas are good: I dug ideas like the instrumental “Interlude”, as well as the intro to “Bottle of Shadows”, which is one of the better songs on the record (ironically, this track also sports an idea during the middle section that again reminded me of …And Oceans). The rest of this record was really just not that interesting to me. After a short while, some of the songs structures began to sound too similar, and not even keyboards or guest musicians could save it.

While I do admire the fact that this is a self-released record, and that the band have been hard at work for the past 5 years or so, I’m afraid that “Thoughts of a Rising Sun” did do a lot for me. From what I read before listening to the record, many were describing this band as “experimental” and “out there”; well, I have to agree to disagree.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

1. Structurally Unsound
2. Enemy Within
3. Beyond Reprieve
4. The Wanderer
5. Something Worth Chasing
6. Interlude
7. Thoughts of a Rising Sun
8. The Struggle
9. Through the Eyes of Spartan
10. Bottle of Shadows
11. March of the Titans


Tony Dando - Guitars (lead & rhythm)
Grant Stacey - Vocals
Andy Slade - Guitars (lead & rhythm)
Conor Harkness - Drums
Nathan 'Sparx' Lamb - Bass, Vocals (backing)

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