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Divided Multitude
Feed On your Misery
August 2013
Released: 2013, Nightmare Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I bought the very first Divided Multitude album, INNER SELF years ago when it came out on Sensory Records in 1999, and it just did not really resonate. It was competent and enjoyable but I never revisited the band from Norway. Last year I heard another Norweigan band Teodor Tuff and their album SOLIOQUY. It was fantastic and gave it a 4.5 out 5 and it was my Number Three pick for 2012. What caught my eye was that Christer and Rayner Haroy from Divided Multitude are also in Teodor Tuff so I thought I better revisit Divided Multitude. Well, the years have passed quickly and Divided Multitude have put out another four albums since I first heard them at the end of the millennium, so I bought their new, fifth record FEED ON YOUR MISERY. This is the first Divided Multitude review on and it won’t be the last!

All eleven tracks, except the acoustic, flamenco style intro piece called ‘Esperanto’ are in the six-minute range. The songs all have great catchy choruses that really draw you into the song but the song structures themselves have some progressive writing elements. They have found a good match of innovative and accessible writing. The vocals of Sindre Antonson are rough and ready, far gruffer than your typical clean, high vocal delivery heard on many prog albums. He has quite a lot of force in his delivery, reminding me of Nils Johanssen (Wuthering Heights, Astral Doors). There are a few additional sonic elements like violin and keyboards but those take a backset to the guitars that are really upfront and in your face. The album is intense but has that sweetness that counterpoints the heaviness very nicely. The songs runs in mostly driving mid-pace with a real sense of perpetual motion.

The album itself has a simple package and design with the layout kind of like a fold-out newspaper. Jacob Hansen produced the album and I don’t think has ever produced a bad album! The lyrics are intelligent and thoughtful and bolstered by some gang-vocals on choruses and various parts. FEED ON YOUR MISERY appeals to my inner Savatage fan, especially the heavier songs in the Zack Stevens era. Divided Multitude have an excellent amalgamation of melodies, harmonies, crunchy power and great choruses.

I am certainly going to go back and discover the rest of the bands catalogue. Note: For the record a few days after I wrote this review I went back and listened to the aforementioned debut INNER SELF and it is also far better than I remembered. It’s always fun to go back and rediscover those gems in your collection!
Track Listing

1. Esperanto
2. Feed on Your Misery
3. What I See
4. Scars
5. The World Is Watching
6. Crimson Sunset
7. 2 4 7
8. Vicious by Heart
9. Seconds
10. Transparent
11. Reborn


Sindre Antonsen Vocals, Guitars
Rayner Harøy Bass
Christer Harøy Guitar
Eskild Kløften Keyboards

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