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Cosmic Infusion
Cosmic Infusion [EP]
August 2013
Released: 2013, Transcending Obscurity
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

After a 5 year break, India's extreme Symphonic Black Metallers are back with their release of self-titled EP ‘Cosmic Infusion’.

As a fan of black metal, I always find it interesting to see how different countries perceive this genre and the different directions they take it in.

The band stated they wanted to create a blend of Symphony with extreme metal music and give their songs a unique style. The EP consists of 5 tracks in total, making it feel more of an album than an EP, but each track has its own different concept to it, covering aspects of life, nature, holy places, the universe and death.

The album starts with their symphonic keyboard sounds before the drums kicks in, just before the guitars take over, giving the EP an impressive start.

The vocals are raw and harsh & everything you’d expect within the black metal genre.

Track 2 ‘Burial Of Thy Own’ has a folk like vibe to it & shows a mixture of different vocal styles, which I found to be quite interesting, but again was slightly repetitive, but does have some great guitar riffs in there, aswell as a beautiful atmosphere, taking tracks on a different path, with a strong story in their lyrics.

Track 3 ‘Journey’ was a personal favourite of mine, aswell as ending track 5 ‘Crepheus - Bringer Of The End’ giving the feeling of a dramatic film soundtrack, before the black metal elements kick in!

The only downside to this EP is despite the rawness and the heavy riffs, some are slightly repetitiveness in the symphonic side and some of the riffs, but I do have to say I love the symphonic keyboards throughout and I feel the band have enough diversity to break up the songs nicely with some great melodies in there, making these tracks appeal to other metallers who aren’t necessarily keen on this genre.

Also the production of their sound could’ve been put together a little better, as I feel this did let the EP down slightly, making me drop from a 4/5 rating to a 3.5, but I do still recommend these tracks to those out there who love this genre in metal.

The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nikhil Singh (Closed Eye Productions). With artwork done by Shalini Jha and photos by Satya Naren (Cosmic Religion), which clearly follows the black metal theme of white faces, black eyes with some added fire, which does look pretty good tbh!

Overall, this is a great EP and demonstrates nicly what this band are capable of! I hope to see more of these guys and they continue along their path of bringing great black metal to us all over the globe!

You can view the album here:

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

01 Acronycal +ëloge
02 Burial Of Thy Own
03 Journey
04 Gothika
05 Crepheus - Bringer Of The End


Amnish - Guitars
Nakul - Guitars
Amey - Bass Guitar
Sushan - Vocals and Keyboards
Nandan - Drums

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