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Darkness Rising: The Tale Of Derek Blackheart
August 2013
Released: 2012, Dead Alien Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Emidio Vaz (Guest Writer/Canada)

"Absolon" is a Florida based band that introduces full out Heavy Metal that appears to have roots of TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Queensryche mixes and combines Euro Metal along with Symphonic Metal that inspires the Metal soul, making the end product Absolon.

DARKNESS RISING, Absolon's debut concept album, brings out a tale of the dark side of wanting fortune and fame at any price and so the story begins with "What Have I Done?/The Beginning" a frenzy of "TSO" like overture before the mystic Metal starts with an abundance of well structured arrangement of Heavy Metal from scales to the heavy bass playing well timed pounding of the skins and vocals that are Metal distictive that leads the Metal faithful to "The Master Calls" the purification of Metal felt that's established by scales and riffs is so inviting that one cant help but fall into a Metal trance. Give it up for Rock n Roll with lyrics that coincide with hypnotic Metal.

"Nail Head" an endless beauty of Heavy Metal that comes to life "Darkness Rising (Interlude)" doom filled and so well captured by electric acoustic, ballad type that symbolized the 80's and is now brought forth on this influentual piece of Metal."Darkness Rising" is expressed with Demonic gauntlet overtures that's felt crystal clear. "Pretender" electric instruments being played to Metal perfection going from dormant & channeling to more aggresive Metal is a sign of musicians that are gifted. "Even Heros fall" is like falling into a time warp in terms of comparing Absolon with Queensryche as an impeccable piece of Symphonic Metal.

"Devastation Suffocation" the meaning the feeling & sorrow that's established on this particular track with lyrics (I sold my soul for Rock n Roll) with thunderous pounding of the skins forcing the tempo of the beat that gives way for keyboards that come in ever so softly and fading out. "The Escape,Pt 1", the piano playing giving it that touch of class and mystic balance along with violin sound & a sharp wind in the back ground taking us to "The Escape Pt.2" a phenomenal demonstration of bold Metal that reaches extravagant status.

There are racing riffs executing the bass playing to maximum and the velocity of vocals that reach Metal precision. "Eulogy" brings us back to a ballad surrounding delivering to an explanation of madness with the hard driving beat that continously pours out Heavy Metal in every sense of the word. On "State Of Mind" the electric/acoustic interplay taking it to a different dimension "The Master Calls -Reprise" leading to developing thoughts before a Symphony piece gives way to oriented Heavy Metal that keeps on getting heavier to reach the peak. "Deaths Frozen Sting" where all Hell breaks loose with intense pounding of the skins and lead guitar and bass keeping it so demanding, that it grabs you by the parts and doesn't let go because you are caught up in a Heavy Metal web leaving you in a Metal trance.

Absolon from the very start dictates a true form of Heavy Metal madness through the music in this very dark tale a tremendous piece of Heavy Metal brought to life by executing the talent of brilliant musicians.
Track Listing

1. What Have I Done / The Beginning
2. The Master Calls
3. Nail Head
4. Darkness Rising (Interlude)
5. Darkness Rising
6. Pretender
7. Even Heros Fall
8. Devastation Suffocation
9. The Escape, Pt. I
10. The Escape, Pt. II
11. Eulogy
12. Breaking News
13. Screaming in the Dark
14. State of Mind
15. The Master Calls Reprise
16. Deaths Frozen Sting


Ken Pike-Vocals, Guitar
Ed Dumas-Guitar
Will Cochrane- Bass
Dave Axel -Drums

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