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Black Faith
Jubilate Diabolo
April 2014
Released: 2013, Another Death Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been described as the perfect soundtrack to get you through sleepless nights in which you are haunted by your demons, the allure of Black Faith’s debut release Jubilate Diabolo certainly sets expectations high. This 8 track offering displays a corrosive blend of Black Metal and thrash edginess to satisfy fans of both genres.

Opening with a looming intro and guttural vocals, ’My Walk In the Dark’ opens with a gritty tone harnessing the fundamentals of traditional Black Metal. The heavy drums pounds intensify with sonic driven guitars wading their way throughout.

‘Beyond the Night’ plays out with a solid bass run and infernal snarls charging onward as the guitars uphold the bleak grittiness before shifting into a faster terrain, full of double kick pedals, blast beats and head banging vitality.

The blistering shrieks of ‘Thy Vital Breath’ crash in with a greater immediacy, making this an instant hit for Black Metal fans looking for some raw sounding anarchy. The thrash driven riffs are loaded with plenty of hooks, set to reel fans in, whilst the speedy drums coarse with energetic prowess.

‘Burnt Flesh Sculptures’ barges through with cathartic guitars and technical drum work right from the outset, as the adrenaline runs high amidst the blood hungry growls that are deadly enough to rip the flesh of your ears.

Closing off with, ‘Jubilate Diabolo’, the complex drum work and mournful riffs plough through at a steady rate before erupting into a chaotic spree of blast beats, gruelling shrieks and tight sounding guitar work, making this a climactic departure to finish on.

What was great about this record, was the band’s ability to remain true to their focus and dedication to Black Metal and it is definitely recommended for the fans looking for the more traditionalised approach.

What’s more, the songs themselves were tightly crafted and didn’t stray into overindulgence. Ultimately, what surprised me the most was just how well refined this record was for a debut release, as there was definitely no sense of this was a band who are trying to find their feet. This no nonsense approach to song writing that is one that guaranteed to hit a raw nerve for Black Metal fans. Top work guys.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. My Walk in the Dark
2. Beyond the Night
3. Seduced by the Evil One
4. Thy Vital Breath
5. Padre Mithra
6. Burnt Flesh Sculptures
7. Black Nocturnal Lithurgy
8. Jubilate Diabolo


Snarl: Vox, Lead Guitar
Vinterblot: Rhythm Guitar
Acheron: Bass, Backing Vocals
Hyakrisht: Drums

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