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War Device
Whispers of Souls
April 2014
Released: 2013, Roar! Rock Of Angels
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

I gonna remember the day I wrote this review because it was a day of a real thrash drought. There is a lot of stuff labeling itself as thrash. For all of you that have been complaining about how some of the classic Thrash metal acts have lost their edge, then there is hope. WHISPERS OF SOULS is the thrashing debut of Northern Greek War Device.

War Machine combine all the good elements of Slayer, Sodom and Death Angel together with their own identity. Musically, War Device doesn’t push the envelope though, but their style is still aggressive and massive with wonderful galloping riffs.

Yes, each song is a short bursting throwback to the US thrash metal gods, with the frenetic shredding, pounding bass and rollicking drums you’d come to expect from years of loud aural thrash abuse. If you are thinking WHISPER OF SOULS is going to be some old school sounding speedy thrash with very modern sounding production you would be spot on. Songs like ‘Abandoned Hope’, ‘M.I.P.’ and ‘Embrace The Pain’ are Ugly, intense and increasingly massive. WHISPERS OF SOULS comes at the listener as an overwhelming wall of sound, the frenzied, barely restrained guitar work interwoven with a dense, hostile network of throbbing, explosive synths. It’s the fast, driving and frantic sorcery that possesses you.

War Device can stand out from the crowd remains to be seen, as there’s a handful of numbers here that will pass for decent thrash metal tracks. On the whole War Device is one of the thrash metal bands that flourished in Greece the recent years together with Suicidal Angels, Chronosphere, Bio-Cancer and Exarsis.

WHISPER OF SOULS is a great thrash metal album for the thrash metal fanatics. With bands like Greece’s War Device coming through the ranks, it seems the genre has got good life left in it yet.
Track Listing

1. Abandoned Hope
2. Whisper Of Souls
3. Rain
4. Lunatic Rapes
5. Shattering My Thoughts
6. M.I.P. (Mind In Panic)
7. Kingdom Of Ice
8. Rehab Beyond Perfection
9. Embrace The Pain
10. Unknown Path


Makis Arampatzis – Vocals
Sotiris Simeonidis – Guitar
Manos Triantafillou – Guitar
Aris Sapitzis – Bass
Manos Moutaftsis – Drums

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