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Thunder And Steele
April 2014
Released: 2014, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Do you miss old Gamma Ray and Helloween? So do I. That’s why I listen to the next best thing… Stormwarrior! The German quartet is back for the attack with their fifth album THUNDER AND STEELE.

Stormwarrior don’t mess around. They arrive, they conquer all with 10 songs for 45 minutes of classic Metal and they are off to plunder the next coastline. In the past three years since HEATHEN Warrior the band lost a drummer along the way but picked up veteran drummer/keyboardist/producer Jorg Uken along the way, although there are no keyboards on this album. Jorg hammers on the bell of the ride cymbal like Thor pounding Mjolinor into the skulls of posers across the land. The band have a slightly more modern looking album cover by Felipe Franco, featuring the almost mandatory Viking ship, raven and of course heroic warrior.

A pair of Metal anthems stand-out on this album, ‘Servants of Metal’ and ‘Metal Avenger’ but all the lyrics weave tales of ‘steel’, ‘iron’, ‘blades’, hammers’, ‘fyre’, and other metallic topics that would make Manowar proud. The choruses quickly draw you in with big gang-vocals chanting along. Overall, this album seems a touch faster than the last one, which suits me fine as the band fire off volley after volley of a blend of true speed Metal. The solos are exceptional, fast, a dense flurry of notes that rain down like a storm battering the hull of the dragonship as it charges through the waves.

Keen-eyed fans will notice I used that same line, stolen from an Yngwie song, (I Am A Viking) in my last review of a Stormwarrior album. Why? Because Stormwarrior are the truest of the true, they don’t change and I don’t want them too. As long as they don’t change, my positive reviews won’t change! Five virtually flawless albums in a row…these Metal warriors are truly building a catalogue worthy of your respect.
Track Listing

1. Thunder & Steele
2. Metal Avenger
3. Sacred Blade
4. Ironborn
5. Steelcrusader
6. Fyres in the Nighte
7. Die by the Hammer
8. Child of Fyre
9. One Will Survive
10. Servants of Metal


Lars Ramcke Guitars, Vocals,
Alex Guth Guitars
Yenz Leonhardt Bass
Jörg Uken Drums

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