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Basement Torture Killings
A Night of Brutal Torture
April 2014
Released: 2014, Grind Scene Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

So what if there’s no shortage of gore lovin’ death metal bands vying for your attention? After hearing A NIGHT OF BRUTAL TORTURE, you’ll likely agree that London’s Basement Torture Killings is among the best. I completely stumbled upon this record, but it’s completely taken over my listening habits as of late. Combining elements of SLAUGHTERCULT-era Exhumed, a fistful of amphetamines, and one too many viewings of the film SE7EN, Basement Torture Killings brings their murderously themed grind to life with true cinematic flair.

Adopting the personas of various serial killer stereotypes, yet adorned in sweater vests, neckties, and professional office attire, the assailants that comprise Basement Torture Killings (yes, the acronym is BTK) are self-described as “Gore Obsessed Old School Death F@#cking Metal”. And if you seriously needed more convincing than that, the ten tracks on A NIGHT OF BRUTAL TORTURE roar louder than Leatherface’s chainsaw ripping through Franklin’s fatty tissue. Beyond being just loud riffs deployed obnoxiously fast, the gents display a festering knowledge of their (musical) instruments of torture. The blast beats are relentless, the riffs straddle the line between horrifically raw and subversively complex, and there’s a surprising degree of virtuosity interspersed across the album when you’re least expecting it. “Gorgmasmic Movements in the Dark”, “Car Trunk Caroline”, and “Kill for Satan” are definite highlights, but the whole album is pretty damned intense.

Each track is prefaced with a sort of introduction to set the tone of what’s to follow and builds a substantive theatrical feel to the disc. Combine that with the ridiculous satirization of the band’s characters and over the top concepts with the sheer brutality of the music itself, and you have an end result that embodies the best of what horror fantasy has to offer without taking itself too seriously or coming across as overly misogynistic.

Basement Torture Killings is the serrated blade in your gut that you didn’t realize you needed, and A NIGHT OF BRUTAL TORTURE is the soundtrack to your evisceration. If A NIGHT OF BRUTAL TORTURE were an actual film, it would’ve been directed by a Mario Bava/Lucio Fulci type and played in the grimiest of grindhouse theaters - so consider that an endorsement of quality and reason to give Basement Torture Killings a listen.
Track Listing

1. Progressive Depravity
2. Basement Bitch
3. Car Trunk Caroline
4. Gorgasmic Movements in the Dark
5. Minus Fingers Teeth and Toes
6. Suffocation
7. Kept in a Hole
8. Malleus Maleficarum
9. Without Permission Forced Submission
10. Kill for Satan


The Fourth Killer - Drums
Bertrand - Guitars, Vocals
Tarquin - Guitars, Vocals

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