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The Edge Of Existence
April 2014
Released: 2014, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Thrashing their way to a second EP, Uppsala Sweden’s (yes you probably heard that name in the history channel show, Vikings), Paranorm has released THE EDGE OF EXISTENCE. The EP is a four-track caustic stress fest, Paranorm absorbing large doses of Bay Area Thrash and mixing it with early Kreator and the complexity of Coroner to arrive at a slightly more progressive version of the Big 8 or maybe 10 of thrash bands from the 80s. Singer Markus Hiltunen's vocals are essentially early Mille, while musically the band plays a pure style of thrash with a technical leaning.

The band hits quick, with “Into The Unknown” being the technical tour de force, featuring intense guitar solos, complicated riffs and numerous time changes. The next three songs are essentially more of the same, competently executed and aggressive thrash with occasional slower passages and melodic parts with a quick return to the adrenalized thrash each time. Near the end of “Second Assault” Paranorm uses the cool vocal effect employed by Sepultura on “Slaves Of Pain”, and thus another influence is revealed.

Thrash is so pervasive now that it takes a really special release to gain my attention. Paranorm has the chops, and is steeped in knowledge of the evolution of the genre, but the songs do not quite have that sticky factor that plants itself into the brain yet. Positives are that few bands have ever blended truly progressive and complex music with thrash, and Paranorm have just about nailed that formula, which is no small feat. Fans of Kreator, Coroner, and early Exodus will no doubt find Parnorm to be a natural part of that evolutionary chain.
Track Listing

1. Into The Unknown

2. Second Assault

3. Sunstorm

4. Desolate Worlds


Markus Hiltunen (Vocals/Guitar)
Fredrik Kjellgren (Guitar)
Marcus Blom (Bass)
Karl Askebro (Drums)

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