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April 2014
Released: 2014, Mortis Humane Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

If war is hell, then it seems then only fitting that black metal is used as an outlet to detail the atrocities of war. Enter Azziard, a Parisian five piece currently touting their sophomore full length VÉSANIE. The album’s title refers to a French word for “psychosis”, and the album itself tells a story of one soldier’s descent into madness after serving on the front lines in World War I.

Lyrically, the story on VÉSANIE is told in the band’s native French, but musically the band has plenty in common with Marduk and early Watain. “Allégorie” opens with some ominous synth work, building into brooding march that’s offset by atonal riffs. Gotta give the guys credit for creating atmosphere. And it’s that combination of black metal speed, measured rhythms and discordant notes that progressively builds across the album’s 8 tracks and effectively presents the feeling of devolving madness. The back to back “Sur La Toile” and “Dialyse” at the mid-point of VÉSANIE are the standout tracks of the album, successfully executing an honest sense of discomfort and uneasiness within a relatively minimalist execution. If for no other reason, those tunes are reason enough to give VÉSANIE a listen. By the time you get to the concluding “Digression”, you’re ready to succumb to the blunt force hostility that Azziard is compelled to provide. Nicely done, gents.

So what if I got only got a “C” in my High School French class? I know that Azziard is an impressive outfit, and VÉSANIE rips. And you should know this firsthand as well, which is why I’d encourage you all to check out Azziard’s website for more info about the band, and then take a trip to the Mortis Humanae site for purchase info.
Track Listing

1. Allégorie
2. Disjonction
3. De lumière, D'Obscurité
4. Sur La Toile
5. Dialyse
6. Ekphrasys
7. Dans Ma Chair
8. Digression


Arkyon - Drums
Zyule - Guitars
A.S.A - Vocals
Nesh - Guitars
Siegfried - Bass

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