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Iron Savior
The Landing
April 2014
Released: 2011, AFM
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

This album came as a bit of a relief. The band had a four-year gap between albums with virtually no news from the Iron Savior team. The wait was agonizing! They needed a new label and had few member changes. I recall hoping a few years back, that the extraneous factors of the business had not distracted the band from making a crushing album. I did not need to worry!

THE LANDING arrived on the AFM label with shiny new cover art courtesy of Felipe Franco keeping in line with the bands overall Science fiction theme. All the songs are in the familiar four-and-half minute range with the signature sound fully intact and firing on all cylinders. The band has kept pace with any number of double-kick fired songs. The choruses are anthemic and memorable as well. I still play ‘Heavy Metal Never Dies’ on my radio show quite often as an anthem par excellence with lyrics that speak to the strength and resilience of our genre. ‘Faster Than All’ is a magnificent speedster with lyrics to match. The guitar tone is thick and full and as always the raging riffs are front and center in the mix.

Some people have labeled this a comeback but I felt the two previous albums (BATTERING RAM and MEGATROPOLIS) were equally as strong. I don’t think the band has ever had a weak album. Despite a late release in November, THE LANDING made some of our staff year-end lists in 2011 which is a testament to the strength of another stellar record from this German Metal institution.
Track Listing

1. Descending
2. The Savior
3. Starlight
4. March of Doom
5. Heavy Metal Never Dies
6. Moment in Time
7. Hall of the Heroes
8. R.U. Ready?
9. Faster than All
10. Before the Pain
11. No Guts, No Glory


Piet Sielck Vocals, Guitar
Joachim Küstner Guitar
Jan-Sören Eckert Bass
Thomas Nack Drums

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