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April 2014
Released: 2013, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

German band Atrocity is a band that runs extreme metal gears almost 30 years. Throughout the years they have been put into several musical directions such as grindcore, folk metal, gothic metal, death metal, and finally they are back with their refresh symphonic death metal.

OKKULT forms the first of three parts of the Occult upcoming trilogy of the band and marks yet a different side of their music. Personally speaking, OKKULT is the most complete album to date with the exception of 2-3 songs that if they would not be part of this album, the album would be better. They have already released 10 albums later and still they try to push their music to other musical fields. They like experimenting and they do it well.

I confess that Atrocity have never hesitate to experiment and write music that they want to make, regardless of whether the final result we like it or not. In OKKULT, Atrocity push aside the pure death metal roots (except for some parts in ‘Necromancy Divine’ and ‘Masaya’) and this time they graft their early style with industrial and ‘fantasy’ music with many black and symphonic elements infused, creating a diverse and very attractive metal package. OKKULT’s songs are haunted by Lingua Mortis Orchestra’s orchestrations, under the direction of Victor Smolski (Rage). The instrumental track ‘Todesstimmen’, ‘March of the Dying’, the 8-minute nightmarish closer ‘Lavoisine’ and the introduction of the opener track ‘Pandaemonium’ are the overwhelming evidence of how the LMO tied with Atrocity’s new effort and the sound the band would like to put on it. In addition that collaboration consists in a trump card and a bargaining chip for Atrocity’s musical future.

The variety of compositions with the quality peaking is another ace in the hole. From the most symphonic black parts (‘Pandaemonium’, ‘March of the Undying’) to more death metal and sometimes with progressive atmosphere (‘Death by Metal’, ‘Masaya’), to more dark melodic moments (‘Beyond Perpetual Ice’) , a track that brings strongly in mind latter Satyricon (‘Haunted by Demons’), until their compatriots Rammstein (‘Satans Braut’).

OKKULT is a great introduction to a three-part trilogy, a hefty album, euphorically brutal piece of symphony death metal. Can’t wait for the other two parts of that trilogy.
Track Listing

01. Pandaemonium
02. Death by Metal
03. March of the Undying
04. Haunted by Demons
05. Murder Blood Assassination
06. Necromancy Divine
07. Satans Braut
08. Todesstimmen
09. Masaya
10. When Empires Fall to Dust
11. Beyond Perpetual Ice
12. La Voisine


Alexander Krull - Vocals
Thorsten Bauer - Guitar
Sander Van der meer - Guitar
B van der Wal - Bass
Joris Nijenhuis - Drums

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