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Bloodsucking Freak
April 2014
Released: 2014, HPGD Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

For those of you who can’t wait for the next Autopsy disc or who think Reifert and company sold out after SEVERED SURVIVAL – this one’s got your name written all over it. BLOODSUCKING FREAK re-packages the first two demos from Swedish one-man-gore-band Funereality in the hopes of giving them a bigger audience than what’s currently in mainman Joachim Andlös’ bedroom. And in all honesty, it’s not the worst thing you’re gonna hear this month.

From the band moniker to the execution of the tunes, BLOODSUCKING FREAK is straight up Autopsy worship, no ifs/ands/buts. Sloppy death metal jaunts, lo-fi doom dirges, and vocals snarled like a mouth full of razor blades? Check, check, and double check. But while not the most original concept on the planet, at least Andlös sticks close to the source material, ripping with the fervor and reverence that only the most ardent of fanboys can deliver. Tunes like “A Grave Vacancy” and “Master of the Foul Arts” are pretty solid tracks that hold up really well on their own merit, but taken for what it is, BLOODSUCKING FREAK is a good time if your up for a nostalgia trip.

Not much else to say beyond that. If you prefer your metal ugly and unpolished, BLOODSUCKING FREAK fits both criteria. And much respect to HPGD Productions for continuing to support the scene by unearthing acts like Funereality and giving them a platform to reach a wider audience.
Track Listing

1. Funeral For A Fuck
2. Master of the Foul Arts
3. Bloodsucking Freak
4. Leeches
5. A Grave Vacancy
6. Gorgeous
7. Think Twice (Poison Idea Cover)


Joachim Andlös – Vocals, All Instruments

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by Aaron Yurkiewicz

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