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April 2014
Released: 2014, Transcend Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Reflections is the first full length released by Israel's FERIUM, a band that plays what many know as Deathcore, which means this album is chock full of stuff that has been heard many times before. Still, during some sections, they actually get in a decent guitar riff or two. The production here is clearer and less distorted than in their debut EP The New Law, which is shame, since in my opinion, by losing some of the raw sound the had on that release, the band seem less aggressive than in previous outings.

The arrangements in Reflections are pretty much Groove Metal influenced, with some added Death Metal growls. Opener "By The Book" is pretty much full of what to expect here, with its mechanical rhythms and drums that to me sound a little stilted. The band uses adds some funky slap bass here and there, which is actually effective where used and makes me wonder why the band did not incorporate more slap bass. "Downhill From Nothing" and "Change of Winds" have that Funk influence in the rhythm sections that works within the Death Metal-meets-Groove Metal approach the band has adopted. The instrumental "The Black Eyes" is also a stand out track with the band doing some Progressive Rock style stuff. Other than those tracks, I was not that amazed with this release.

FERIUM are talented musicians but they could do with some more aggression and originality. As mentioned earlier, the bass work is quite impressive in some areas, and the band could exploit these a bit more. As it stands, though, there is not here I can recommend to Death Metal fans that they have not heard before. Also, the band's Groove Metal influences might not sit well with some people.

Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. By The Book
2. Downhill From Nothing
3. The Very Existence
4. Mirror
5. Side Effects
6. The Black Eyes
7. Lust Fool
8. Caustic Value
9. Change of Winds
10. Business on Demand
11. Blood
12. Reflections


Yoni Biton Bass
Ron Amar Drums
Guy Goldenberg Guitars
Elram Boxer Guitars
Tiran Ezra Vocals

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