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Day Of Reckoning
April 2014
Released: 2011, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Editors Note. was founded in 1995 as a forward thinking site. Our goal is, and always has been, to support Real Metal. The decision was made that very rarely do we ever go back and review an album from before 1995. Does the world really need another CD review of Master Of Puppets, Powerslave or Screaming For Vengeance? We don’t think so. We have always supported what is happening now.

Starting in January, 2014, as we head towards our 10,000th review and the 20th Anniversary of, we are looking back and filling in a few gaps in the review database. We want to complete the post-1995 review catalogue of some of the bands that we have supported since 1995, when very few, if any website were supporting real Metal. It’s fun to go back and revisit some of these albums that we did not review when they were first released. Enjoy!

Destruction is of the three bigdriving thrash metal bands of Germany and Europe. They had an incredible 80’s career but in the 90’s the band faced up the strange metal climate. The 00’s found the band in a second wave of thrash-iness with the great ‘THE ANTICHRIST’. After that, Destruction seemed to ‘destroy’ itself with numerous bad albums like ‘METAL DISCHARGE’ and ‘INVENTOR OF EVIL’. Thereupon, recent years have seen an aversion to the name of erstwhile heroes of thrash, Destruction. And not without a reason, since the latter albums have driven the Destruction to a constant downward and countdown route. The main feature of this was the fatigue, with many songs on each album "thrashing" insipidly, while the good and distinguishing ones can be counted on the fingers of the one hand. "D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N." (2008) was the top of that inverse way and the hopes for the awaited comeback dwindle dangerously ...

... until the "day of reckoning" puts things in line. DAY OF RECKONING is the long awaited comeback of the German Thrashers. This is the best album in the last 10 years. Since THE ANTCHRIST records. Those who believed in this band can safely start the celebrations after the result being truly dazzling and modern-ly thrashing. It is obvious that a large role in this was played by the advent of a new drummer, Vaaver ( aka Wawrzyniec Dramowicz). The experience of those involved in the main purely progressive shapes Indukti and Lunatic Soul, but also to Goth Unsun. Hence, many may not know what to expect from him, but his contribution to the album is catalytic. Dividing equally his playing in hands and feet, the Polish delivers the good with a comprehensive seminar thrash drumming, filling every second of disc substance.

From the first notes of the opener "The Price" is obvious that the Germans have returned angry and with his foot stuck on the accelerator the overtaking nerveless D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. and wordy INVENTOR OF EVIL like stopped. Moving on, speeds not only continue but increase with mathematical precision, until now we can talk about an unprecedented fury. The characteristics of the neurotic riff occur with greater frequency, referring directly to the era of rehabilitation of Schmier in the complex and, consequently, in ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and THE ANTICHRIST. And if the philosophy of compositions reminiscent of this era, the performance of the triad and the pervasive sense of old school flip back further, since areas with bullets and carded hair was combined and each movement of Destruction who respected herself should be accompanied by a handful of painkillers for migraines.

Apart from the stupendous playing of the monstrous Vaaver, a special mention must be awarded to Mike Sifringer for his work in guitars, which is shining and ablaze in the whole number of the songs. Among them we find the best Schmier of the recent years spitting each word's distinctive nasal rage, pushing the result on the edge. I would hardly sift the good track, since the quality and consistency of the album make each of the eleven absolutely necessary and essential, but I can only express my admiration for mimicry which let the band pass on the other side of the Atlantic in "Hate Is My Fuel" (the band made a video clip for this track in USA), groov-ing so blasphemously in "The Demon Is God" and bridging the different seasons of the "Church Of Disgust" and "Devil's Advocate" in the same page.

To sum up, the DAY OF RECKONING is done by this album and became part o the entire metal history. It’s a surprisingly inspired tray overflowing nerve and adrenaline and re-positions the Germans in one of the prominent places of the great thrash metal kingdom. Of course, do not expect any innovation here. Destruction just honors its roots and writes 80’s thrash metal songs in a latent modern sounding texture with excess enthusiasm.

Now, if this is the current and main challenge of bands of the size of Destruction, then the album is suggested summarily and intrepidly for their fans, and friends of the sound profess and the newcomers of course.
Track Listing

1. The Price
2. Hate Is My Fuel
3. Armageddonizer
4. Devil’s Advocate
5. Day Of Reckoning
6. Sorcerer Of Black Magic
7. Misfit
8. The Demon Is God
9. Church Of Disgust
10. Destroyer Or Creator
11. Sheep Of The Regime


Marcel 'Schmier' Scirmer- Vocals & Bass
Mike Sifringer - Guitar
Vaaver (Wawrzyniec Dramowicz) - Drums

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