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April 2013
Released: 2013, Willowtip Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Despite boasting a typically sick sounding death metal moniker, Spain's Wormed deal more with outer space than internal organs on their second full-length – and first in a decade. Indeed, Exodromos, so the band explain on their website, is a prequel to said debut, 2003's Planisphaerium, and details “futuristic science concepts and chaotic visions of the last human left in cosmos, Krighsu.” It then mentions something about a “quantum wormhole in a inverted multi-vectorial reionization,” and “Krighsu traveling through xenoverses to found a new world with the human seed.” M'kay.

Anyway, “Genital Grinder” this apparently is not - even though it sure seems as if it could be. For all of Wormed's unearthly, L. Ron Hubbard-like plot lines, their delivery method is as vomitous and grisly as vintage Carcass or Chris Barnes-era Cannibal Corpse.

Frontman Phlegeton's nombre de guerra – forgive my crappy Spanish - appears to be spot on, since he horks up his vocals in a raspy, phlegmy spew. Whatever yarn Wormed is trying to spin here is rendered largely unintelligible – even the largely spoken “Solar Neutrinos” - by this sort of projectile vocalizing.

Which is too bad, because the band's tech-death is quite compelling. Sure Exodromos is brutal as hell, but it's complex, well-executed and punishingly efficient, with this 10-track concept album clocking in at a tidy 33-some minutes. Vicious hooks abound here, and odd, Voivod-like guitar forays weave nicely around drummer Riky's blast-beat fury, notably on the closer “Xenoverse Discharger,” giving Exodromos back some of the depth that is lost to Phlegeton's belch-contest vocals.
Track Listing

1. Nucleon
2. The Nonlocality Trilemma
3. Tautochrone
4. Solar Neutrinos
5. Multivectorial Reionization
6. Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity
7. Darkflow Quadrivium
8. Stellar Depopulation
9. Techkinox Wormhole
10. Xenoverse Discharger


Phlegeton – vocals
Migueloud – guitar
J.Oliver – guitar
Guillemoth – bass
Riky - drums

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