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The Formulas of Death
April 2013
Released: 2013, Invictus/Ajna Offensive
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Sweden; the land of meatballs, IKEA and death metal!

No one can take away the special sound that has come out of the Swedish death metal scene for years and native Tribulation is on that exact path.

Tribulation started out in the middle of the last decade and with only one album in the baggage the band does not rush their releases. After listening to their latest contribution it is easy to hear why. There is a lot of deep concentration and serious thoughts behind the music, with that being said song titles like “Vagina Dentata” makes you kind of think that there is an urge not to be taken too seriously. Is this just young boys wanting to have some rock n’ roll fun? Unlikely, cause this is an album with highly trained musicians wanting to show off some skills. And this is where it becomes a problem because it is not for everyone.

It all starts off slowly with a purely instrumental song and vocals do not kick in until the second track. Most of the album is for the instrumental purpose and vocals and melody share the same spotlight.

Even though the music shows clear signs of Sweden we are talking a lot of influence from progressive rock with doses of black- and death metal. Some of the songs on the album makes you feel like you are on an acid-trip in the 70s, but the vocals takes you straight back to the old school death metal scene.

The blend of genres makes the band interesting, but the lack of connection with the listener drags the album down. The album is not easy listening as it tends to sound like musicians playing for other musicians with an interest in nerding out. “לילה” is a beautiful 2 minute long serenade that stands out because the band doesn’t feel the need to add extra. What it is, is a simple, bare-naked instrumental piece. Don’t listen to this record if you wanna find a good groove or drive ‘cause this is more about getting far into the music’s universe and not so much about the headbanging and having the tunes stuck to your brain for the rest of the day.

This is not an easy ride, this takes indulging and concentration to get anything out of.

Review by Ellen Norvang
Track Listing

1. Vagina Dentata
2. Wanderer In The Outer Darkness
3. Spectres
4. לילה
5. Suspiria
6. Through The Velvet Black
7. Rånda
8. When The Sky Is Black With Devils
9. Spell
10. Ultra Silvam
11. Apparitions


Johannes Andersson
Adam Zaars
Jonathan Hultén
Jakob Ljungberg

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