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The Obscene Machine
The Obscene Machine
April 2013
Released: 2013, Grindscene Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Obscene Machine is a Northern Irish band that is a coming together of people from bands like; Condemned, Hexxed, Overoth and Zombified.

“The Obscenity Within” comes to us via Grindscene Records, who are also established in Ireland. The band seems to draw influence from several Death Metal and Grindcore bands, such as Cryptopsy, Aborted, and Cannibal Corpse.

The production is bass-heavy, but clear, which showcases the incredible abilities of the drummer. The style in general here is what can be expected from the GrindScene records roster of Grindcore-tinged Death Metal bands.

The guitars on this recording provide some solid riffs, though some sounded quite familiar. The vocals are the usual low growl with some the high pitch screaming thrown in to spice things up.

Opener “Descent” has some amazing guitar and bass work happening.

The band here seem to take a lot of influence from Suffocation as well as Cannibal Corpse, with their complex song structures which feature riff after riff of pummeling Death Metal.

“Napalm Orchid” contains some interesting vocals, with the high pitch vocals providing some interesting back up, while shouting, like “Fuck You” and “Bullshit”.

Some songs contain slow sections, such as “Infinite Intolerance”, which inspires some instant headbanging.

The faster parts of the music also contain some drum fills that give the music a bit of a technical edge. “Unrelenting” is one of the fast songs that has some killer guitars and drum parts.

At one point, there is some awesome lead guitar work that reminded of Florida’s Death. Another highlight is “Father Vermin, Mother Whore”, which features some great riffs, as well as a sick mid tempo section that builds up to a faster section with blasting drums.

The guitars on this track are amazing all the way through, leading the song from the slower sections to the faster sections in a very impressive manner. Album closer “In the Company of Reformed Cruelty” also grabbed my attention with its start/stop structure; the drums and the guitars here must be heard to be believed.

The song stops at one point to provide a sound clip concerning a man who apparently murdered his family. As the man speaks, there is an acoustic guitar being played in the background, sounding quite eerie as the man claims that he feels no remorse for what he has done.

While not exactly breaking any new ground, this release is an entertaining record that should satisfy fans of Death Metal and Grindcore. The band definitely has some chops, and has recorded some great ideas here.

If you love your Death Metal with a technical approach and some Grindcore thrown in, this may be a great record to go out and get. You should also get your hands on some of the band members’ other bands, such as Zombified, who also play interesting variations of this style of music.

Review by Titus Isaac
Track Listing

1. Descent
2. Napalm Orchid
3. Infinite Intolerance
4. Venom in the Blood
5. Obscenity Within
6. Unrelenting
7. Structures of the Wretched
8. Father Vermin/Mother Whore
9. In the Company of Reformed Cruelty


Operative 1 Vocals
Operative 2 Guitars, Vocals
Operative 3 Bass, Vocals
Operative 4 Drums

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