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Sacred Mother Tongue
Out of the Darkness
April 2013
Released: 2013, Transcend Music/ EMI
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The British metal act Sacred Mother Tongue have been standing on the verge of something big with their current far reaching reputation. Their second offering 'Out of The Darkness' depicts the vocalist’s, Darrin South’s, journey through depression as the visceral screams are replaced with a more tangible and introspective use of clean vocals.


The album flows along in quite an organic way. Staying true to the fundamentals of Thrash and hard rock hybrid. The vocals fit the bill well as the music comes with catchy riffs, punchy drumming and more than memorable choruses that are guaranteed to unite head bangers at a stadium sized venue in the times that lay ahead.

Kicking off with the chugging riffs of ‘Demons’ the band exercise their ability at harnessing Thrash fueled guitars in a traditionalist way. The Drums remain solid throughout with vocals working well with the instrumentation. The song’s guitar solo reveals some impressive finger tapping skills that help elevate the opener to a higher level, keeping the adrenaline going.

‘Seven’ comes with some razor sharp guitar hooks that reel you in and refuse to let go, whilst reviving some of the early elements of early Alice in Chains. Meanwhile, ‘Bleeding out’ showcases some of the metallic guitar work from the band, huge and heavy sounding with strong fortifying vocals to match.

Closing off with ‘Believe’ the shuddering drums and guitars leak with ease the lyrical journey itself adds an element of sincerity to the themes being explored here. The chorus comes with a powerful sing along quality, whilst displaying a good sense of melody within the tracks mid section.

Overall, a fair attempt by a band whose song writing abilities seem solid enough.

The production is well refined and the instrumentation does stand a head an shoulders taller than some of their peers. However, the album does have its flaws in terms of predictability.

At certain points the record falls short with the band’s formulaic song structures and at times it does become a bit tiresome.

This being said, the moments that shine really solidify these guys as one of the more promising acts within this genre and fans of this style will no doubt believe these guys to be the pioneers of something fresh and revitalising within the current music scene.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1) Intro (Out of the Darkness)
2) Demons
3) Bird In Hand
4) Seven
5) Pawn
6) Bleeding Out
7) A Light Will Shine
8) The City Is Crying
9) Just A Ride
10) Evolve/Become
11) Believe


Darrin South: Vocals
Lee Newell: Drums
Andy James: Guitar
Josh Gurner: Bass

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