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Reign of Vengeance
The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion
April 2013
Released: 2013, Synister Empire Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

I am often expecting the worse when I see the artwork of a underground band’s concept E.P. for few can really pull-off a quality, intriguing and cinematic record with all the songs revolving around 1 central theme, and in my opinion this should often be left to the masters of the art such as Cradle of Filth and King Diamond.

This 5 tracker lacks current bassist for the band and the massively praised Job For A Cowboy Nick Schendzeilos, but does lay claim to the master drumming powers of session super house James Applegate.

This band indeed hails from the territory of America, which is clearly evident in many factors of this E.P. It’s grand and lengthy title is unfortunately one of the only things I find possible to enjoy about this release however, the 5 mid length rockers fail to impress or live up to the chaotic standard set up by the Anarchistic Title of The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion.

The Moniker Reign of Vengeance is a clear and true sign of a death metal band, but in this case, one that lacks almost everything that made death metal such a brilliantly gruesome sub-genre to start with. The sheer technicality removes the element of power and brutality from the music in a way I have never heard from any band before.

The mix helps this in no-way at however, for all the listener can hear is the sweep picking of the lead guitar, tapping of the drums and the barely guttural, more puppy dog yelps of “Fuck the Recession” and more un-inspiring chants. The amateurish ostinatos make this a rather boring listen, but the bland approach does save the release from securing a lower score, for there’s simply very little to hate about any of the tracks on this release!

As I said, this is very little more than high quality musicians playing low quality songs.

The technical perfection is there to make seriously impressive extreme metal, but the poor production and weak song writing makes everything here seem very plastic and half-hearted.

Simply put, “The Final Solution; The Final Rebellion” would be a perfect candidate for “Fischer Price’s-My First Death Metal Release”. Ultimately, there’s obvious potential in this set of players to produce a decent record, but there shall have to be major changes before the sun of that day can be witnessed by the death metal community.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. Fuck the Recession ; Kill Those That Caused It
2. Amassing Towards Truth
3. The Master's Summons
4. The Grande Hecatomb
5. The Final Rebellion


Marshall "fucking" Beck - Vocals
Tim Gibson - Guitars
Doug Williams - Bass
James Applegate - Drums

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