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We Are Going To Be Awesome
April 2013
Released: 2013, Dirtbag Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

Here is one from San Diego, California, Quor releasing their EP WE ARE GOING TO BE AWESOME on Dirtbag Records. The album art is the first “What the hell?” reaction the album gave me, featuring three baby chickens on a plate. Likewise, the promotional information attached gave me a chuckle, as it lists over a dozen bands that influenced Quor but of course leaves off the one band they sound most like, which is Godsmack. Those points aside, this is a modern alternative metal release, not without its good points.

The album opens in fine form, as “Watching You” has a thrash-influenced lead-off riff before transitioning into Godsmack territory. Credit lead vocal man Brian Corn for varying the vocals so that he does not sound like most of the American alterna-metal bands out there. However, the song eventually slows down and transitions into familiar territory, musically not dissimilar from Linkin Park. At only four tracks, there is still enough on here to figure out Quor. The second track opens heavy as well, before going more main stream during the verses. It is clear that this is a style of music designed to appeal to the tastes of modern American metal fans, nothing that has not been done before and pretty safe as well. In other words, I expect it will make it on to radio stations, if it has not already. Guitar solos are basically absent, the songs relying on catchy and simple rhythmic structures with the vocals taking center stage.

Overall, Quor leans more punk, indie, and alternative rock than metal. Sure there are a few heavy and commendable riffs, but lots of slower and softer parts as well. I really found myself missing guitar solos, causing me to me to wonder what year is it? I went through this once already circa 1994 and again with ST. ANGER. Positives are the clear and correct production, along with a good guitar sound. The songs are inoffensive, but not really pushing any boundaries and basically move along mid-paced and without much aggression. Quor will probably do ok in North America, but it is doubtful they will make much headway in Europe or the rest of the world where metal leans more traditional or extreme, Quor really not fitting into either camp. Thus the album title might need a revision, at least in Europe. A solid album, recommended for fans of Godsmack, Linkin Park, and Avenged Sevenfold.
Track Listing

1. Watching You

2. The Fragile Break

3. Paradise

4. Let's Rise


Dr. Corn - Guitar & Vocals
Doug Smith- Bass & Vocals
John Michael Cordes- Drums & Percussion

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