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Deviated Inner Spectrum
April 2013
Released: 2012, Unsigned
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Erich

Pronostic is a melodic death metal band from Montreal, Canada releasing their first album, DEVIATED INNER SPECTRUM. Formed in 2011, the band’s style of death metal is extremely technical, progressive and math oriented in places. Obviously, this is too late in the game to enter the melodic death metal sweepstakes patented in Europe, but in North America, decent melodic death metal is fairly uncommon. This is where Pronostic fills a nice void, offering a viable and competent blend of melodic death that North Americans can embrace.

With the exception of the intro, everything is played at a frantic tempo, the drums propelling and keeping up with the speedy riffs of Alexander Lauzon and Charles Pilotte. The breakneck speed does at times become fatiguing, but at only 8 tracks, the album is in and out quick (just under 29 minutes), having already hit you in the face multiple times before you even realize your nose is bleeding. Pronostic manages to fit in incredibly melodic solos, arguably the strong point of this album. “Desire To Kill” is a great place to hear the melodic solos, with slowed-down rhythms in places. Stylistically, Pronostic is an amalgam of vintage In Flames, Death, and At The Gates, modern in approach, yet not offering anything that has not been heard before. That does not detract from the outstanding chops and technical skills of the band however, everything tight and dead-on synchronized.

The one weakness is the vocals, and partly this is a personal bias. One of the issues I have always had with this style of music, and I guess the really extreme fringes of metal in general, is the lack of any kind of vocal innovation. You get the feeling that you could take the vocalist from Pronostic, or any other decent melodic death band and exchange vocalists endlessly amongst themselves and most folks would never know. Lauzon and Pilotte are credited with “high” and “low” vocals respectively, which mean throat ripping style and cookie monster style. The truly dedicated melodic death fans might even say the high parts are clean vocals! Granted, this is a minor quibble and probably one that most fans will dismiss, as in the end it is really the jaw-dropping riffs and melodies that will draw fans to Pronostic. Fans of Death, (old) In Flames, and Scandinavian death metal in general will find DEVIATED INNER SPECTRUM a welcome listen.
Track Listing

1. Intro

2. Methylated Perception

3. Desire to Kill

4. From the Ashes

5. Execution

6. Hope for Nothing

7. Psychosis

8. Deviated Inner Spectrum


Alexandre "BeerMan" Lauzon - Guitars and High Vocals
Charles "Insane Plotte" Pilotte - Guitars and Low Vocals
Mathieu "La Vie" - 5-String bass from hell action
Nicholas "Le Fou" Wells - Drums & Percussions



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