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Kingdom of Shadows
April 2013
Released: 2013, Hostile Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

So, Irish death metallers Overoth have presented to us, for the second time, their first full- length album, “Kingdom Of Shadows”. Originally self- released back in 2010, Overoth have since joined Hostile Media and have decided that a re-release of this album is needed to build up anticipation for their rapidly impending new material which is set to be recorded and released sometime this year.

From the get go, it is clear that the boys of Overoth aren’t messing about. Their brand of no frills, in-your-face death metal is full of twists and turns, technical innovation, and bone- crunching riffage. ‘I Am One, I Am All’ showcases guitarists Daniel and Andrews guitar skills with disjointed solos and technically tight riffs. ‘A Cry To the Fallen’ serves as a mysterious, eerie interlude mostly consisting of synthesised strings and nondescript ‘booms’ and following track Summon the Cursed seamlessly follows on from this; now it’s drummer Jay’s turn to show us what he can do and he does not fail to impress. His regimented yet experimental style really brings this track alive and he effortlessly switches from playful Tom- bashing to relentless blast beats. Vocalist Andy sounds as though he’s growling from the depths of Hell, with his impeccably deep and rich techniques which remain consistent throughout the album.

Despite the high levels of technical skills this band demonstrates, they still make room for plenty of sultry and sometimes delicately melodic riffs and solos. ‘The Serpent of Old’ really does have a serpentine feel to it as the riffs writhe up and down the frets to a hypnotising rhythm. Yet again, Jay on drums is impeccable; to see these guys perform live must be a real treat.

Their live sets have been described as “tight, energetic and exciting” and during their existence as a band, which began in 2005, performing live has been their main focus.

On ‘Led to the Slaughter’, Daniel and Andrew on guitars work faultlessly well together, harmonising at times and having a battle of the Axes at others, exchanging solo blasts between one another and really maintaining a high level of excitement throughout the track. ‘Pathway to Demise’ is one long blast in the face; ridiculous speed, pure brutality and yet more proof that these guys know how to create technically supreme death metal.

‘Obsidian Blade’ switches from brutal groove to up tempo, chugging riffage and faultless blasts beats in the blink of an eye; you very rarely know what to expect next with this band and it seems as though they have purposefully structured each track to really keep you on your toes. They don’t want you to be able to predict what’s coming next, and they have succeeded!

Overoth and the rollercoaster that is this album takes a slower course with ‘Upon The Altar’. At a much slower pace but by no means any less powerful, the guitars sing out their solos, Jay plays about with interesting drum fills and flairs, and Andy’s vocals sound like they’re slowly creeping into your soul, ready to steal it. Final track ‘The Forbidden Realm’ offers up even more wailing guitar solos and brilliant flair on the drums.

These musicians are such masters of their weapons that I do often feel as though they outshine the vocals; despite being very strong and effective, there is very little variation in Andy’s vocal style and I feel as though, in order to make sure his voice remains as prominent as the rest of the instruments, he may need to consider mixing up his style so that he does not become lost amongst everything else.

Apart from that little hint of negativity, my overall feelings towards this album and these guys as a band are overwhelmingly positive. This is a very well put together album and I cannot wait to hear more!

Review by Soozi Q
Track Listing

1. Kingdom Of Shadows
2. A Cry to The Fallen...
3. I Am One, I Am All
4. Summon The Cursed
5. The Serpent Of Old
6. Led To The Slaughter
7. Pathway To Demise
8. Obsidian Blade
9. Upon the Altar
10. The Forbidden Realm


Andy - Vocals & Bass
Daniel - Guitars
Andrew - Guitars
Jay - Drums

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