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Grip Of The Dead
April 2013
Released: 2013, Pulverised Records and Aftermath
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Necrocurse are a five piece necrometal band from Uddevalla, Sweden, and are presently signed to Pulverised Records and Aftermath.

Starting in 2004 they began recording demos. Finally releasing five songs, in 2011, on two 7” vinyls, ‘Chaos Carnage Cataclysm’ and ‘Insane Curse Of Morbidity’ The recordings were then re-mastered and re-released, as a shaped CD, under the name ‘Shape Of Death’ by Aftermath Music.

In September 2012, the band began recording their first full-length album ‘Grip Of Death, at Sonic Train Studios, in Sweden, with Andy La Rocque. This March sees the release of ‘Grip Of Death’ and the wait was worth it! An offering of twelve fast, brutal, unrelenting and thrilling necrometal tracks. With slick production and a perfect professional sound Necrocurse’ ‘Grip Of The Dead’ is a non-stop, fast-paced, thrilling, brutal, ride, featuring thrash, black metal, death metal, and gore sounds.

Opening with ‘Preludium of Devastation’, a narrated introduction to the album, with creepy choral chants and a guttural growl invites you to bathe in blackest death metal brought forth by NecroCURSE! The first track ‘Necrocurse’ is straight up brutal, thrashy, black metal and then slickly slides into a more death and roll, gore, sound.

This band never bore. Not from track to track, Nor from moment to moment. Every song thrills as it spills sonic, necro, blood everywhere it bleeds. An amazingly atmospheric live band. This band is set to become legends in the metal scene. For fans of black metal, thrash metal, necrometal/gore, and bands such as Necrophagia, Wurdulak, Viking Crown, Mayhem, Satyricon, and Impaled Nazerene.

Review by Sarah Angelise
Track Listing

1. Preludium of Devastation
2. Necrocurse
3. Rotten in the Dark
4. The Devil Cobra
5. Ripping Darkness (The Destroyer)
6. Death Metal Rebels
7. Morbid Maniacs
8. Speed to the Grave
9. Grip of the Dead
10. Coffin Breakers
11. Infernal Rebellion
12. Souls of a Thousand Funerals (Vinyl bonus)


Vocals - Hellbutcher
Rhythm and Lead Guitar - Rotting Vomitor
Rythmn Guitar - Morda
Bass - Bassphemy
Drums - Terror

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